50 Questions you should ask yourself as a teacher

Work less to think more. Think more to be a better teacher. Today I bring these questions that I have formulated for you and that are not the result of productivity, but of reflection. Prepared? Ready?

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50 Questions for teachers. Which one is your favorite?

  1. Why am I a teacher?
  2. Do I see myself as a teacher throughout my working life?
  3. What would you do if you didn’t do it as a teacher?
  4. What do I feel minutes before entering a classroom?
  5. How do I want my students to remember me tomorrow?
  6. Do I feel free when I teach?
  7. Am I happy when I teach?
  8. What percentage of the textbook do I not use during the course?
  9. How many photocopies of bonus material do I give my students having a textbook?
  10. Is there a lot of distance between the record that I use in class and that of my students?
  11. Am I clear on the difference between discipline and punishment?
  12. Would you be able to understand what I am going to explain today if I were the age of my students?
  13. How many minutes have my students talked in class today?
  14. How many students do I think will be able to understand what I am going to explain to them today?
  15. Why have my students not heard me for several minutes?
  16. What application does what I am teaching my students have for real life?
  17. Why is class today so slow?
  18. What benefits does arriving to class on time bring me?
  19. How many courses have I been explaining the same thing in the same way?
  20. How do I teach what I don’t like to teach about my subject?
  21. What degree of passion and enthusiasm am I able to convey while teaching?
  22. What have I learned from my students today?
  23. What position do I occupy in the classroom to capture the attention of my students?
  24. How long do I speak uninterruptedly?
  25. How long does it take to learn the names of my students?
  26. How do I manage the mistake my students make?
  27. When was the last time I laughed with my students in class?
  28. Am I the same person outside as inside the classroom?
  29. Do I constantly look at the clock during a class session?
  30. Do I usually look my students in the eye and attend exclusively to my students when they address me?
  31. Do I consider myself an empathetic teacher?
  32. What do I pursue in my classes, perfection or excellence?
  33. What type of questions predominate in my classes, closed or open?
  34. Why do I teach what my students could learn on their own?
  35. How much time do I spend thinking about what a lesson session will be like?
  36. Am I bored in class today?
  37. What do I usually value most about my classes, the process or the result?
  38. Do I teach the same way in all groups?
  39. Do I spend more time explaining than teaching?
  40. Am I a better teacher thanks to New Technologies?
  41. Do I encourage imagination and creativity in the classroom?
  42. How do I imagine myself in five or ten years?
  43. What do I understand by being productive in my work?
  44. What do I understand by having authority?
  45. How much choice do my students have about what I teach?
  46. What do I teach when I’m not teaching? [/ Sociallocker]
  47. Do I usually leave for the next academic year what I could do in this one?
  48. How important is inclusive education in the classroom to me?
  49. Do I keep the promises I make to my students?
  50. Do I love being a teacher?

These are my 50 questions that I have chosen for you. Do you dare to reach 100?

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