5 qualities of a good teacher in student-centered teaching

The qualities of a good teacher, most of the time, are related to the level of learning of his students . For this reason, there is a movement towards teaching centered on the apprentice, which has been consolidating itself among institutions and demanding, on the part of teachers, a reformulation of pedagogical practice.

The term “student-centered learning” is linked to studies of behavior by Carl Rogers . It is a review of the hierarchical conditions that previously guided the teacher-student relationship.

As a result, the student gains more autonomy on his way to knowledge and the teacher becomes a mediator and advisor , assuming a more consultative character.

In this article, we highlight 5 qualities of a good teacher to meet this new educational trend.

5 qualities of a good teacher in the student-centered learning model

1. Take a guiding role

More than taking a course that makes someone able to transmit knowledge, being a teacher today tends to assume a role similar to that of the preceptors of Ancient Greece, who indicated the path to the discoveries of their pupils.

In this sense, it is necessary that the teacher, when entering the classroom, be prepared to make his student learn to learn.

This is one of the ideas defended by Carl Rogers, in books like Liberdade para Aprender (1969), in which the teacher encourages the sharing of information, acting as a facilitator and serving as a driving force for the construction of knowledge.

2. Be creative when developing tasks

In this scenario in which teacher and student are actors who work towards the same goal – the development of learning – being creative is one of the qualities of a good teacher of early childhood, adolescent or adult education.

The performance of activities that contribute to the student taking information from their daily lives to the classroom reflects the best of modern education.

The successful teacher, therefore, when using creativity in his classes, will know how to center the teaching-learning process on the student.

The intention is to respect, with this, the particularities of each one, making the school space more pleasant and close to the students’ daily reality.

For that, one can make use of more playful and active moments, using various pedagogical classroom practices .

3. Be open to new knowledge

The more the teacher himself admits the limits of his current knowledge, the more he will adapt to the challenges of the profession.

In the case of teaching centered on the student , we can think that the teaching task starts to require a “hunger for novelty”, which must be equal to that of the student.

It is necessary to be open to knowing new things, often brought by the students themselves, such as series, drawings and other information of which, perhaps, the teacher would not be aware.

Having this in hand, it is possible, from the perspective of the class, to propose critical analyzes, also consistent with this process of “learning to learn” .

4. Always look for training and updating

As we have already said, among the qualities of a good teacher of child or adult education, is the constant search for knowledge and news in the most varied areas of culture and society.

The teacher must keep updated on the new learning methodologies , in order to guide the students in a clear way, even with the opening intended by the new educational techniques.

Therefore, training and constant updates for the teaching professional are of utmost importance , so that he develops the qualities of a good teacher of early childhood education, adolescents or adults.

5. Having an affinity with technology and the internet

The last of the qualities of a good teacher, presented here, is the affinities he has with technology, especially with the internet. A successful teacher should be open to learning how to use technology in the classroom and make use of all the resources brought by the advancement of computers.

As these elements are increasingly present in the lives of young people – and of people, in general -, it is important to understand the advantages of using technology in education and to use it, especially in teaching focused on the student.

When respecting the new generations , who were born in the technological context, it is necessary to learn new teaching formats and apply them in the classroom. Therefore, involve the most diverse tools in your activities.

Use digital reading in your daily life in the classroom taking material options in virtual formats and ask students to also bring materials such as ebooks, related to the theme of the next meeting at school. That way, the whole process will become even richer.

How have you been developing to possess the qualities of a good teacher? How are you implementing the teaching-learning process in your classroom? Have you followed any of our tips? Leave your comment and tell us your story!

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