What is Quad Pixel technology?

Quad Pixel is a technology focused on creating better photos in night or low light conditions. Its name comes directly from the composition of this technology, that is, for every four normal 0.8μm pixels, they are combined into one large 1.6μm pixel.

The term was coined by the Motorola company R&D team for the Motorola One Vision device , a mobile that promised high definition in its images thanks precisely to Quad Pixel technology.

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This technique allows you to create sharp photos even when the lighting conditions are not exactly the most ideal, hence Quad Pixel technology is also known as Night Vision , but they are not exactly the same.

Quad Pixel is recommended for indoor scenes with low light, but also for outdoor spaces with little artificial light. On the other hand, the Night Vision is focused to photograph static urban scenes.

Quad Pixel technology is intrinsic in the camera sensor (both on the back and on the selfie), therefore, the user does not have to do anything, however, the night vision mode does need configuration.

On the right we see a photo taken with the Motorola One Vision and with the Night Vision mode on. On the left, the same snapshot, but without the Night Vision.

But the Quad Pixel and the Night Vision do not work alone, they require software that obtains the best result from what the camera has captured, and that is where artificial intelligence enters the scene .

And not only that, but for the snapshot to be practically perfect, it also has an OIS ( Optical Image Stabilization) image stabilizer . That is, an optical stabilizer that moves the sensor in the opposite way to the movement of the mobile, and clearer shots are achieved without movement.

Now we know what Quad Pixel technology is, we will surely pay more attention to the technical specifications of mobile phones and the quality of the snapshots.

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