How to activate car accident detection on your Google Pixel

The Google Pixels are updated with important news , and one of those news could save our lives. After more than a year of waiting , the detection of car accidents is now available in Spain .

Now our Pixel mobile can automatically call 112 in the event of a car accident, a feature that we have to activate from its emergency options , as we will see below.

Activate car accident detection

To activate the detection of car accidents in our Pixel we have to open the application drawer and touch the Emergency application . There we will see that we already have activated the new option Activate car accident detection .


This is how the app works to make friendly parts of the car insurance from the mobile phone

By clicking on Activate we will see a small explanation of how it works . It informs us that our Pixel will use location, motion sensors, and ambient sound to detect if an accident has occurred. In the event of an accident, the mobile will vibrate and sound an alarm at full volume asking if we want to call emergencies. If we do not answer, he will call 112 .

To activate the detection of car accidents, several permissions will have to be accepted, such as access to our physical activity so that it detects when we are driving, the permission to the location that we will always have to allow and not only when the application is in use, and the permission to record audio so that the application can listen and analyze the ambient sound.

Once all the permits have been accepted, the detection of car accidents will be activated, a feature that will always work in the background. In addition, it allows us to start a demonstration test , simulating that the mobile has detected an accident so that we can see how it will vibrate and sound and how with voice commands we can reject or accept the emergency call.

The Google Pixel will not only call emergencies but will also share our location with 112 in case we are unconscious and cannot provide where we have had the accident.

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