What is Google Stadia and what is it for?

Video games became great entertainment for many users. L to fun is important in our life is not only work, we need the brain somehow entertain either doing something we like or a video game.

After completing the necessary tasks you can access to play either free games for cell phones or some other fun activity . Many today have the opportunity not to require the internet as others do. Some of them really catch our attention, but others are really fans of this digital world.

You can enjoy these games through platforms on your PC or also on your cell phone, escaping from worries is something that we all want at one point. There are many categories and for all tastes , one of them is mobile war games .

Among the different game systems we will let you know more about Google Stadia in more details so that you can access and enjoy this world of video games.

What is Google Stadia? What is it for?

Among several qualifications, one of the most accurate is the so-called future of video games, basically it is a game system, we must know that it is not a player. This service is a subscription service, it is a great platform that allows you to play by streaming.

Although there is not much information, it is known that it is released with a series of 22 games and the best and what stands out is that you do not need to have a PC.

Best of all, it has a great capacity for high-clarity reproduction, with its high resolution it provides users of this platform with a great entertainment service . It is a great opportunity to play remotely.

Google has provided great services around the world and this topic did not go unnoticed, entertainment is also part of it. Many of the people today are also interested in the functions of Google Drive .

Google Stadia data consumption?

If we talk about networks about data, it is something that tends to worry us all in some case when using our phone. Not only for games but for other communication services. The best option is to opt for a Wi-Fi network , for its consumption.

As we mentioned before, it has a high quality level in its visualization, for that reason it consumes 20 GB per hour. Similarly, there is a limited data level that can be an option, although it still consumes 4.5 GB per hour.

The quality of the game will depend a lot on the network, that is, the highest quality of the game on the device . Its good function will depend on the internet as well as its quality of the graphics.

There is the option to access by playing by cable, and thus you would not need an adapter. If they are going to play, the priority is to keep the game smooth.

Controversy over Stadia

What should not be a secret for anyone is that the games must be purchased, this service must be paid monthly. Some options have been opening up but you still have to pay for the use of this platform. 

The advantage is that when paying for the subscription to this service, you often opt for offers for other video game services. Another advantage is that you do not have to wait, that is, compared to other methods here you only have to pay and start home. There are some games that have been around since launch, and over time the list of games will expand.

Fun facts about Stadia

It is something curious that one of the advantages of this service is what makes it stand out, that it is not about a physical equipment as such that is required to play or that comes with games but it is through servers, Google data centers . They are fully specialized facilities. 

That is why we do not need to wait because their service is immediate after we pay. Another of the best things of all is that if the games or this system requires an update, you will not be the one who will run to do it but your platform will do it locally. 

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