How and where to claim the silver plate or button to Youtube

There are many video sharing platforms out there, but YouTube is a really popular trend . The audiovisual media became even more known through this medium. Just because it is used for free, it already has millions of people.

In addition, the variety of content is unique, you get videos of all kinds and for all tastes and it is a great tool for those who generate content. It has the great advantage of choosing between both and increasing or decreasing its resolution.

YouTube has long become a great competition for the world of television. Many of the people put aside traditional TV shows to watch YouTube videos for hours. Because of the accessibility to comment on everything, they feel more part of this experience.

For many, it became a great professional tool socially from which they cannot detach. There are many reasons for belonging to this platform, for that reason we will let you know more about the silver button on YouTube .

Get silver button to YouTube

What many of the users who create content want to achieve is to be successful on their channel , accumulate many more visits and monetize of course. But for this you must know many parameters, and have the necessary requirements. Make yourself known to obtain benefits on this platform.

On YouTube with a channel you can get the silver button when you reach 100,000 subscribers and you can claim it by joining the creator awards program for this you must enter YouTube, then go to YouTube studio. The next thing you should do is look for your redemption code that can be found in the banner notification.

The next step you must take is to enter that code on the redemption site. In other words, in awards for creators. In this step what you must do is include the data. It is important to know that you must enter the name you want the award to have, that is, the name of your channel.

The silver award is a plaque, with the specification of your name. In addition to this button there are also others such as the ruby, gold, diamond button , everything varies according to the subscribers and the requirements.

Requirements – Creator Awards

The main thing is to have an active Google account , you can enter YouTube with your IP address . You must not have defaults. Another requirement is to have the conditions provided by YouTube.

The content you submit must be original , not mix or copy but make original content so you can even more for these awards. You must be careful not to have content that could lead to a scam. All these requirements are previously evaluated. In other applications you can make changes such as editing videos on WhatsApp , but on YouTube you have the opportunity to make yourself known.

Each channel is carefully reviewed so that it can receive the prizes . You must be willing to comply with all the necessary measures and of course, depending on the number of subscribers you have, you will receive the button according to that.

It is good to have a quality edition before, for that you can use an online video editor and creator , more easily and quickly. 

Buy YouTube rewards 

Indeed, on YouTube you can also access to buy prizes, that is to say, of course they will give you courtesy prizes, but you can agree to buy others if you cost with the availability. In this way you will access all the benefits that this wide platform offers you.

If you want to buy prizes, you must access the creators email and YouTube , and this must be done from the email that you have associated with your channel. From there all the necessary steps.

If you want to generate income, this is a qualified platform for that, you just have to always know the requirements to monetize a YouTube channel . It is important that we bear in mind that it is not a quick process as many believe , you must spend time doing it.

Besides everything , constancy is needed, many of those who start in the creation of content do not arise because they do not remain constant and think that they are successful quickly. You can get money but always with great perseverance.

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