How to add a foreign number or from another country to my cell phone

Communication is a fundamental process in the life of each one of us, for any circumstance we must always be in interaction with the people around us, and more with the people we love, our family and friends, that is why the effect that mobile phones have had in society is highly significant in a positive way in every way.

As we know in recent days, communication has become essential due to the World Pandemic of COVID-19, for the reason that we must be distanced by this issue, it is for this reason that through social networks we can obtain the contact we want with people close to us, in a fast and close way at the same time.

Thanks to the multiple and diverse social networks that have emerged through the developers, we have managed to constantly have a genuine and special interaction with different people, thus generating in the population that they become indispensable in many considerable ways, maintaining a fixed audience within them.

And the most important thing is that they also allow us to communicate immediately with people in all countries of the world, through instant messaging applications or those that provide meeting new friends through them, such as registering on Tinder , WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, and many others that fulfill the same specific functions.

International codes from different countries What are they? And how to make international calls?

Each country has a code or digit that we must dial when making calls or sending a message abroad, for example, if we are in Colombia, and we want to dial a call to Spain , we must first add the code for Spain and then the number to which we are going to make the call.

But there are other exceptions, that we must dial the destination country code, for example, we mainly dial ” 13 ” which would be the destination country code, then we dial the city code, and finally we dial the phone number , this method is the most constant when making foreign calls, and therefore should be effective in most cases.

The best option to make calls abroad, saving time and at a low cost, is using the most efficient communication networks, either by creating an account on Skype or adding the contact to WhatsApp , they are platforms that allow us to make video calls quickly. through a Wi-Fi network or, failing that, mobile data, considering that it is the most used and most qualified method.

How can I add a contact or number from another country to my mobile, is it possible?

If we have acquaintances in different parts of the world, what we want to do the most is to keep in constant contact with them. Through social platforms or applications that allow us such interaction by making free calls or messaging.

For this reason, it is good to know how we can achieve this, being able to enter telephone numbers from abroad in our mobile phones , since they have different codes.

But the process is extremely simple, although it may not seem like it, it should be noted that many people find this activity complicated because of different reasons, whether they are not well related to mobile phones or something else.

First of all what we must do is, grab our mobile and open the contacts option , we click on “create new contact”.

To add it we copy the symbol ” + ” then the code of the country to which we are to maintain contact, if we do not know it we can navigate through the internet to obtain it, then we add the number itself, we put the name and click on ” save ”, once this is done we would already have the foreign number in our contact list .

Some codes of the countries most frequented in calls

It is good to identify the codes of different countries so that when making calls or sending messages, so that the process is much easier, these are some: The code of Venezuela is +58, that of Peru +51, Spain +34, Chile +56, Germany +49, France +33, and finally one of the most used is the United States +1, these are the most constant used by the population.


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