How to export your screenshots and video from Stadia

We are going to explain how to export your screenshots and video from Stadia so that you can use them. One of the great problems of the Stadia application on mobile is that there is no way to use the screenshots anywhere, so no matter how much you can take them with the remote control and they stay saved in your account, at the moment you cannot do nothing with them.

The logical thing is that Google Stadia ends up updating the application so that you can start using the captures. But while this is happening, we are going to tell you a trick with which you can download them to your computer , and from it you can send them to your mobile, use them on social networks or share them with whoever you want.

Download Stadia screenshots

The trick is simple, and is to use Google Takeout , the application with which you can download backup copies of your Google data . Therefore, the first thing you have to do is enter the Google Takeout website from the address .

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Once you are inside, click on the Unmark all button to deselect all the services that you are going to request to make a copy of. By default, Google has selected many of the services to make a copy with everyone’s data. But what we are going to do today is download only the Stadia data.

Next, in the list of services you have to look for Stadia. When you find it, click on the square to select Stadia . If you want, you can select other elements in case you want to download data from other applications to take advantage of the download, but to download the screenshots from Stadia you only need to select this application.

Once you’ve selected Stadia from the list, scroll all the way down. There, click on the Next step button that appears in blue to continue with the process of configuring the backup you want to download.

You will go to a screen where you can configure the file that you are going to download. You can leave everything as it comes by default , although you can also configure it to receive periodic backup copies every two months, change its format or the size of the file. In any case, it is enough that you leave it as it is and click on the Create export button .

When you click on Create export , Google will inform you that the process to create a backup copy of the files you have requested has started. This process may take a few hours or days, but if you’ve only selected Stadia it shouldn’t take long , as there is no heavy data beyond backup either.

When your backup is ready, Google will send you an email to notify you. You can also check it by visiting the website from where you can access them. Once you enter and have it, click on the Download button next to it to download it. You may need to verify your identity by retyping your Google account password, just as a precaution.

The backup file will be downloaded compressed in ZIP format, unless you have indicated otherwise in the configuration. What you have to do is unzip the file that you have downloaded so that a folder called Takeout is created , which is where all your Stadia data is.

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Inside the folder go to Stadia \ GAMING \ USER_CAPTURES , which is the internal address where all the screenshots you have taken while playing will be saved. They will be in .jpeg format , and you can use them wherever you want. The captures will be ordered with the name of the game to which they belong. If you take new captures, you will have to download another backup by repeating the process.

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