What is better Google Meet or Zoom? Google Meet vs Zoom, know the differences

Have you ever wondered which application is better, between Google Meet or Zoom? Do you know what differences exist between these applications? If you are thinking of installing an application to make video calls on your mobile or pc, here we will show you the differences that will help you determine which of these best meets your needs.

Which is Better, Google Meet or Zoom – Google Meet vs Zoom, Know the Differences

As we well know, Google Meet is a platform created with the purpose that Google users can make video conferences , share messages and allow the participation of up to 100,000 people.

On the other hand, Zoom is the platform that a Chinese-American businessman named Eric Yuan decided to create to communicate with his family, friends and acquaintances in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic; in this you can make video calls through the app .

Google Meet or Zoom, which covers more areas globally?

Although Google is one of the most used browsers worldwide, its Meet extension for video conferences is only limited to four languages , these are Spanish, English, French and Japanese; Due to this, you will only be able to use the platform anywhere in the world if you handle any of these languages.

On the contrary, the businessman Eric Yuan made sure that Zoom’s platform had the necessary languages ​​to communicate with all the work partners it has in the world; These languages ​​are Spanish, English, French, Japanese, German, Portuguese, and Chinese; for this reason, more people in the world use this application to communicate.

Which one has easier and faster access?

To have access to the Google Meet platform, you can download it from its official website for your pc or mobile phone in the Play Store or App Store.

Once the application is installed, you must register and you can use it for free ; or choose a free 14-day account to see if it meets your needs and then pay for one of their services. This will be available until September of this year; but keep in mind that in the free account, you will have limited use of the functions offered by the platform.

If you wish to use the platform without limitations, you must register by paying a monthly fee in Google Suite; the only thing that will depend on your payment plan will be the number of participants in the conference. The estimated payment for a minimum of 25 people is $ 5.

Like Google Meet, Zoom can be downloaded for PC Windows or Mac from its official website if it is for PC or in the App Store for your mobile; Once installed, you must register by entering your email address and a password of your choice, to guarantee your privacy.

This is a platform with 2 versions, the free one has the ability to hold a video-conference of up to 100 people simultaneously , only with a limitation of 40 minutes per meeting, in the same way if more time is required to cover all the scheduled content, you can instantly create a new meeting to express missing points.

Who provides better features, Google Meet or Zoom?

Google Meet has a wide variety of features that are ideal for sharing information in the midst of this pandemic. This allows video-conferencing, screen sharing to teach courses or meetings, exchange files such as documents and images ; in addition to a chat to send messages to all members in general.

At Zoom we can make video-conferences for meetings, share screens to take courses and tutorials, as well as send messages to one or more people from the chat option; but we cannot send files , unless you purchase a paid version of the App.

Thus, in a clear and precise way, you could learn the differences that will help you determine which between Google Meet or Zoom, best suits your requirements . If you liked this article, do not forget to share and leave your comment, because your opinion helps us to provide you with the best information.


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