Google vs Apple Which is better? Differences, advantages and disadvantages

This is a competition of years, Google vs Apple, giant against giant, who will win? The answer is not easy to have, so I hope that during this article we can solve it together, there is nothing that the truth cannot bring to light and today we will bring these two giants to light.

From the beginning, these two companies have been rivals in everything, and in terms of innovation and progress,  both are competition in every sense, here are some clear examples.

  • iCloud vs Google Drive
  • Siri vs Hey google (google assistant)
  • Safari vs Google Chrome
  • Google maps vs Apple maps
  • Find My iPhone vs Find My Device from Google
  • Google pay vs Apple pay
  • Play Store vs Apple Store
  • Android Auto vs Apple Car
  • Hangoust vs iMessage
  • Play Music vs Apple Music
  • iWork vs Google Documents
  • Apple photo vs Google photos
  • Chromecast vs Airplay
  • Chrome Book vs Ipad

It is quite clear that in terms of competition, Google and Apple are on the sidelines regarding services and products, although there are services that are not included here, there are more things in which these two giants compete, that is why the doubt arises before any user Which is better?

Saying this lightly is not so easy, that is why I prepared a guide to the strongest points of each company so that you yourself can discern and in the end, a small conclusion of what most users think about it.


  • Points in favor of Google
  • Points in Apple’s favor
  • So who is better?

Points in favor of Google

Many could say that Google has a completely different  twist  to that of Mac (Apple), but just as you can save a location in Google Maps, you can save it in Apple Maps, that is, there is a wide competition in which both do not stay with you. , but let’s see the strengths of Google.

And I am not talking about advantages such as ” finding my lost Android device ” these advantages have both, I am talking about more tangible things  that users can see.

  • Google has its own browser, this I think is the most notable since Apple does not even come close to this, this is undoubtedly a  huge competitive advantagesince the vast majority of internet users use Google to navigate (and of course also Google Chrome and its extensions ).
  • Google always causes trips to new technological horizons, creating artificial intelligences,collaborating on projects such as cars that drive alone (using Google Maps technology) Google has managed to stay out of modernity by updating its system more and more.
  • Even Google has gotten hands on charityprojects and their projects have been so successful because it is free in most of its services, for example its browser.

Points in Apple’s favor

Apple is not far behind, this great company that competes in almost all areas that Google can and has shown  many times , here you will see some of the main advantages that Apple has versus Google.

  • An impressive work of the brand, if something has been done correctly Apple, it is the way in which it has treated its users  are like their babies.
  • It is very true that Apple as a brand was developed from the beginning as a brand that sought to sell and sell itself well, as this means that it has more and more users due to the status it creates as a brand, leading the markets for Mac vs PC and their mobile devices, everything Apple has an intrinsic stamp of  quality and economic power.
  • Apple is thinking for a public of a high economic quality, which can maintain this class of devices,however it is not capable of reaching a sector of the population of income or even middle.

So who is better?

It absolutely depends on your tastes, while on the one hand we have a great developer of “premium” Software such as Apple, for a certain limited number of users who  can afford it but who will receive a large and personalized benefit.

Google throws more for the free, for users who want to log into their account and browse freely without limitations, without additions, being a democratized population service (that is, for everyone).


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