Virtual sports and betting: what are they, how do they work

Meet a new alternative. Virtual sports. In these times when we have to stay at home and there are no sporting events broadcast on television, what can we do? How to continue betting and winning money online? The answer to these questions, dear reader, is very simple. Bet on sports and virtual games. The Internet is full of sites and platforms with a great variety of sports and virtual games in which you can continue to enjoy online championships. And of course. Keep betting and earning virtual winnings. Don’t just stand there. Keep reading this article to know a little more about these sports and virtual gambling games. And on how to make money betting online.

What are virtual sports?

Virtual sports are online simulations of sports competitions of sports commonly practiced in real life. Such as horse racing, soccer, athletics, etc. Each and every sport can be transformed into a virtual sport. As the original idea of ​​virtual sports was not simply to gain viewers, but to create interaction between the game and the user through online betting, virtual sports were inspired by other virtual gambling games, such as slots. This means that the game system used is not controlled by anyone, but is completely randomized, automatic and computerized. Based on algorithmic systems that guarantee complete reliability. That is, there is no one behind the game who manipulates the results.

While virtual sports use computer systems to produce results similar to virtual casino games, it is not completely random and random like those of online casinos. In order to help the betting user and give him some parameters to help him when determining bets, the system takes into account real information and statistics of players, teams and championships. In this way, the bettor can do an analysis before placing bets, increasing his chances of winning.

The difference between virtual sports and eSports.

When we talk about virtual sports, it is common for people to associate it with eSports . But they are not the same. Virtual sports and games are, as we explained before, games whose results are controlled by automatic computer systems. That is, without any human interference. In turn, eSports are virtual sports controlled by people through consoles or computers. We will use simpler words. ESports are basically professional online competitions of traditional video games.

Another characteristic of eSports is the variety of games, that is, they are not only online competitions of virtual versions of traditional sports, but they can also be games, for example “non-sports”. Like, for example, role-playing games, war games, cards (like online poker), etc. Esports are also open to betting and you can find several specialized sites with live broadcasts and expert analysis.

How does betting on virtual games and sports work?

Betting on virtual sports and games is done in a similar way to conventional online betting. You choose a betting site, look for the virtual games and sports you prefer, analyze the statistics and the values ​​of the odds and choose the bets among the dozens of options available on the online betting page. Once you’ve bet, you just have to wait a few minutes for the result to be announced. And so on, as many times as you want in any sport and virtual game you want. You can bet in more than one virtual mode at the same time, maximizing your profits.

However, if you are a beginner in the world of online betting, we will also show you how to interpret the values ​​of betting odds.

When entering any type of virtual sport, you will find a list with the teams and players, and the respective quota value of each one. This number represents the favoritism of each team and / or player in certain aspects. Based on statistical analysis and previous bets. The lower the value, the higher the favoritism. The value of each installment also means the cash value that the bettor will receive, proportional to the amount he invested, if he wins his bet.

How does it work

Let’s look at an example. Betting on a virtual horse race. According to the betting site, horse number 04 is trading at 3.00. And that is the lowest quota among all the horses that will compete in the race. This means that, for bettors, horse number 04 is the favorite to win the online competition. So you bet $ 10 on this horse. If the victory is confirmed, you will receive $ 30 ($ 10 multiplied by 3, the value of the horse’s share) as a prize for winning the bet.

Therefore, if you prefer, you can risk a bet on another less favorite horse. That is, the value of the fee is higher. Consequently, in a bet placed on less favorite horses, the profit obtained, if winning, will also be greater. Gambling is risking. The more information you have about the virtual game or sport, the greater the chances that you will place an accurate bet and make a good profit. Therefore, before betting, read the analyzes and observe the statistics provided by the platform on which you intend to place your bets.

Ready! With this information, you are ready to enter the world of online gambling .

Main characteristics of virtual games

As we have explained before, virtual games and sports are online competitions totally controlled by automated computer systems. Without any form of human interference or manipulation in the results of the events. This aspect, however, brings advantages and disadvantages for the user and bettor. Let’s look at some of these points.

Advantages of virtual games and sports

Ease of betting . Virtual sports are much simpler to bet on than real traditional games. Depending on the virtual sport you choose, just select who you think will win, and that’s it!

Time and number of events . Another advantage of virtual sports compared to real life is the number of possible events in a single day. There are tens of thousands of games and disputes of dozens of competitions online every day and all day. You certainly won’t get bored with so many virtual games available.

Time of virtual competitions . In the world of virtual sports and games, you won’t have to wait an hour to know the result of your bets. On average, a new online betting event opens every 90 seconds. Each event, in turn, lasts between one and three minutes. Resulting in an extremely dynamic betting and results process. Obviously, you can follow and bet on multiple virtual sports at the same time. Which increases your chances of making a profit.

Correspondence with real sports . Although virtual sports and games are fully controlled by automated computer programs, the systems are fed with real information from each sport. That is, if a player has not performed well, this will also be reflected in virtual games. In this way, the bettor can use analysis and statistics to choose his bets.

No possibility of fraud . Unlike in real life, virtual sports are unlikely to suffer from fraud of any kind. This is due to the functions of the systems and algorithms used to produce the results, as there is no human interference during the process, the result will depend on the operation of the system.

What are the downsides?

High level of addiction . The dynamism, high speed and frequency with which virtual sports occur tend to produce high levels of addiction in players. With new events happening every minute and results appearing over and over again, bettors end up entering a mental process of pleasure and pursuit of increased profits, which makes it very difficult to stop.

Diversity of virtual sports and game systems . At first, the variety of systems may seem positive. However, it is not for a simple reason. Decreasing the amount of information available to bettors. As each online gaming platform uses a different virtual sports monitoring system, the bettor is inevitably “tied” to the analysis and statistics offered by the site. This reduces the possibility of interaction with other sites and limits the performance of the bettor.

The main virtual sports to bet on

Now that you know what virtual games and sports are, how to bet and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of betting, discover what are the main virtual sports to win a little money.

Virtual soccer

Certainly, among all virtual sports, this is the most sought after. His fame is primarily a result of the popularity of traditional real-life soccer. However, its online version is much faster and more dynamic, the matches last approximately three minutes and take place every five minutes.

In virtual soccer, in addition to betting on which team will be the winner, you also have the option of choosing the score of the game and who will score the goals. The sites offer bettors the last five results of each team within the virtual games to serve as a betting parameter.

Horse race

Even in real life, horse racing is traditionally famous. For being strongholds of big bets. Its virtual version is no different. The popularity of this sport, both virtual and in reality, is basically due to its simplicity.

To make a simple bet, you only need to choose a horse, the one that you think will win. Very simple and very fast. However, if you are a more experienced player and want to risk more bets, the virtual game also offers betting options. How to choose who will be the first three horses and if the winner will be an odd or even horse.

Virtual basketball

Another very popular sport that takes its fans to the virtual world. Like the virtual soccer betting scheme, virtual basketball allows you to bet on which team will be the winner, how many points each team will score, what the difference in points will be, and who will be the scorer for the match.

Many factors that increase your chances of making money. The matches last around three minutes. You will also be able to know the latest results of each team to make the best decision in your bets.


This name may not sound familiar, but this is one of the oldest and most common forms of gambling in history. Greyhounds are nothing more than the famous dog race.

It has the same scheme as online horse racing. In virtual greyhounds you can simply bet on the dog that will win or, also, choose which will be the first three and if the winning dog will be an odd or even number. Remember, the more options you bet, the better your chances of winning.

Speedway and Supercars

Speedway and Supercars are virtual races of motorsports, more specifically, motorcycles and cars, respectively. Motorcycle racing is not like moto speed racing like, for example, the traditional MotoGP. Speedway competitions are bikes similar to motocross, racing on an oval dirt track.

In turn, the virtual Supercar competitions are very similar to the famous Nascar races (American car racing championship). This means touring-style cars on oval tracks. Betting dynamics are similar to horse and greyhound racing: there are six to eight car or motorcycle options, all identified by colors and numbers, that you can bet on. In addition to the winner’s choice single bets, there are also triple bets. That is, choose the first three and the odd or even bets, where you only choose if the winner will have an odd or even number.


Staying at home and not having actual games being broadcast on television is not an obstacle for you to continue winning with gambling. In this article we show you that the world of online gambling remains firm and strong, as full as ever.

There are several sports and virtual games for you to enjoy and bet with the same emotion as always. But with the great advantage of being instantaneous events and much faster than conventional ones. Don’t stop betting dear reader! There are hundreds of sites to choose from. Like the famous BODOG, a very practical virtual betting platform with several games to bet on. Find it right now and earn money having fun without leaving home.


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