Apple vs Microsoft Which is better? Differences

It is no secret to anyone that the creators of both companies turned out to be forerunners in the creation of computers and programs to use them. This caused that in the course of the decades the steps were followed closely, generating proposals and options very similar to each other. Matter that has led us as consumers to enter into debate against which company is more convenient when choosing.

Apple vs Microsoft Which is Better? Differences, Advantages and Disadvantages of Each

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  1. Comparison between technology companies Apple and Microsoft
    1. Advantages and disadvantages as operating systems
  2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Apple and Microsoft companies
  3. Which is the best technology brand between Apple and Microsoft?

Comparison between technology companies Apple and Microsoft

We are constantly faced with products that have one of the two companies as a production firm, which makes us think that there is much to say before reaching a conclusion. Likewise, we want to establish a comparison that gives them enough information to choose the equipment that best suits what they need.

Advantages and disadvantages as operating systems

This is the most controversial item, since both are first class products: Microsoft has created Windows, and Apple MacOS, a very simple system to use. They are not comparable in the way they work, because they both have different designs and shapes that perform equally well for the devices they are made of.

However, its biggest difference is evident when it comes to smartphones: Apple has developed iOS, which works on its iPhone products and requires an Apple id account to take advantage of the benefits. While Microsoft has not achieved the same success. Although it has tried to implement its software on mobile phones, the lack of companies to associate with and the stiff competition with Android has not allowed further progress.

Despite the fact that their operating systems are the ones that can generate the most debates; as a brand they have other points that also represent a point of comparison;  which is noticeable when reviewing all the alternatives and accessories of which they are the protagonists… Apple even already has a streaming platform!

Apple is a producer of smartphones, computers, laptops and tablets; being without a doubt the first option when we refer to technological devices; which in turn implies that they handle higher costs. On the other hand, Microsoft does not have its own line of equipment , so it has made an alliance with a large number of companies that buy Windows software licenses.

Apple is an exclusive system for its devices, while Microsoft handles a range of options that range from the cheapest and most accessible such as ASUS and HP; even others like Lenovo. In this way, there are more opportunities for the client to choose the company that best suits their taste and pocket without giving up Windows.

Although Apple has a number of very functional applications, they are only compatible with computers that use this operating system. On the other hand, Windows stands out with the best Office package, a storage cloud, and the possibility of enjoying all these services from any device, both Android and iOS.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Apple and Microsoft companies

If we talk about advantages, the diversity of Apple equipment and technologies generates all kinds of services that the user needs to carry out their activities. In addition, the company manufactures high-end products, with the highest security in the industry. In contrast, they can be more expensive (there are ways to buy on sale) and less practical in the Office branch.

The benefits of Microsoft are less extensive offers in terms of types of service, but each one of them is impeccable. It stands out in applications and programs, having better options for the productive sector; platforms that at the same time are possible to install in all types of operating systems and manufacturing companies. Its main disadvantage is that it is not on mobile and that it does not make its own equipment.

Which is the best technology brand between Apple and Microsoft?

Apple definitely leads the market : The sales numbers are the biggest guarantee of this company, considering that its phones and laptops are among the most sold in the world. This success is achieved precisely by its physical and iOS products; because when it comes to desktop systems, Windows maintains a certain advantage, and that is evident in many Mac computers that install Windows to work with other technology.


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