What happens if you restrict someone on Instagram

If you don’t want to completely block someone on this social network, but want to limit their activity on your profile, pay attention: we’ll tell you what happens if you restrict someone on Instagram. And it is that, although blocking on Instagram can sometimes be the best option in case of harassment in networks, maybe you just want to distance yourself from that person or limit the access they have to your profile, but only a little. This option is reversible, and is more for you to be in control of how much you want to interact with another account. We will explain it very clearly below.

What happens if you restrict someone on Instagram

There are two main things that happen if you restrict someone on Instagram. The first is that the comments that the restricted profile makes on your posts can only be seen by you and that person. It is, therefore, a way to avoid comments on Instagram from that account. And two, that private messages will arrive in the “Message Requests” tray. You won’t see them directly in your inbox, and the other person won’t see whether you’ve read them or not for the duration of the restriction.

If you restrict someone can see your Instagram stories?

The answer is yes, if you restrict someone they can see your Instagram stories and also comment on them; although, as we have seen above, if it does, it will reach the message request folder.

If you want to stop a person from seeing your stories you have two other options: either block, or “hide your story”. If you continue reading, you will see how you can do it a little further down.

If you restrict someone, can they send you private messages?

Again, as we have already seen, the answer is yes: if you restrict someone, they can send you private messages, but they will reach you in the message requests, where you can go in and read it or directly delete it. So that another account cannot send you messages in any way, blocking is the solution…

Difference between restrict and mute on Instagram

There is a difference between restricting and silencing on Instagram, although in both cases the objective is similar: to have less contact on the social network (although without stopping having it from the top), with another profile.

When you mute someone you can do it only in stories or in stories and posts. In this way, you stop seeing the content that this person publishes: it will not appear unless you enter their profile.

While restricting, this content will continue to appear; what changes rather is the way in which you perceive or receive the interactions of the other person with your Instagram account.

How to unrestrict someone on Instagram

As we have seen, restricting someone is reversible, so we are going to see how to unrestrict someone on Instagram. In this process you will also see how you can restrict it and, with the following image, we will also show you how to block, hide your story or delete a follower.

This last option is used to stop someone from following you without doing anything… Although it is a matter of time before they realize it!

  • Enter the profile you want to restrict or unrestrict.
  • Click on the three dots at the top right.
  • Multiple options will appear, including those that we have mentioned above, and that you can see in the image on these lines.
  • Select the option you have chosen to limit your communication with that profile.
  • To reverse the restriction, you just have to follow the same steps as before, and when the drop-down opens, click on “Remove restriction”. And everything will be back to normal on Instagram !

You already know what happens if you restrict someone on Instagram, but also that there are many other options in the application to limit your communication with other profiles. You decide the one you prefer according to the situation!


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