How to restrict web page on Android

a Website on My Android Phone – Quick and Easy

It is and is the intention of the article to teach you how to block a specific page and in this way they cannot access that website. It seems impossible, but it is not and the best of all is that you can apply it not only to one but to several websites that you want to restrict its entry from your mobile device with an updated Android operating system.


  • How to restrict or block a web page on Android
  • Blocking pages with the BlockSite App

How to restrict or block a web page on Android

Of course it is only possible if it is done from a specific search engine and smartphones that work with the Android operating system. They come from the factory with the Google Chrome application the best mobile browser and through it we will be able to block or restrict a specific web page , therefore the first thing we must do is enter the Google search engine.

Once inside it, we will write the address or URL that allows us to enter the page that we intend to block . Once these steps have been carried out, you must click on the icon with three dots that is located on the upper right side. In this way we will have access to the application options menu and in our case we will select “Settings”.

Now you will be taken to its window and new options are shown here, but you must scroll to the bottom until you find the option “Site Configuration”. Click on it and you will see more options and you must find and select the Permissions option. And here you are going to change the setting of your configuration and block the page you have chosen.

In the event that you look for the option “Permissions” and do not find it, you will not be able to block or restrict the web page and you will need to use another method.

Blocking pages with the BlockSite App

This application is very helpful when you want to block a website and you do not have the permissions to do so. Which is nothing more than a Google add-on and is available for PC or Android devices. Which you can download for free from the Google Chrome search engine and add this useful tool.

Once you have BlockSite on your mobile and it can block a website , you need to grant the “Accessibility Permissions”. After this it will show you the different options that it allows you to block specific websites. Or do it in general and nobody has access to any page.

BlockSite is an excellent option that will allow you to control the uses of your Google Chrome search engine. But it also has other very practical options with which it will allow you to block the App installed on the mobile device . As you can see, it is a real box of surprises that you did not know you had at your fingertips.

And so we have reached the end of this tutorial that showed you another versatile complement of the most used browser in the world and it is none other than Google Chrome. And in a very simple way you have been able to know how it is possible to block or restrict a web page on Android devices.


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