How to restrict advertising in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers that currently exist and is that in a world that is immersed in technology, practically everything can be done through the internet, but one of the most used applications to establish an interface between the internet and users are these browsers. Mozilla is widely accepted for being an open source program and offering various tools that protect its users’ data .

Also, it is true that the internet has been contaminated with misleading advertising everywhere, currently, there are very few pages that we can visit that do not invade our screen with POP UPS, ads and all kinds of pop-up windows that we must avoid, because if by accident we click on any of them, we will end up on an unwanted page or worse, our computer may end up infected with a virus or malware .

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  1. What are the advantages of using an ad blocker?
    1. Ad blocking
    2. Script management
    3. Privacy protection
  2. What are Firefox approved blockers?
    1. AdBlocker Ultimate
    2. uBlock Origin
    3. AdNauseum
    4. Popup Block
    5. Webmail Ad Blocker
  3. How to customize the type of blocking they will perform?
  4. Can the ad blocking be deactivated?

What are the advantages of using an ad blocker?

Having an advertising blocker installed in our browser gives us many advantages, since in addition to being annoying and invasive, it compromises our private information by having a great possibility of containing malicious software within its deceptive windows. So using a blocker we will achieve:

Ad blocking

Blocking the ads brings us many benefits, the biggest of which is that we avoid exposing ourselves to this unwanted content and that also makes the loading of the page we want to visit slower , forcing us to wait for all the ads to load to be able to show us the true content of the page.

In the event that you connect from your mobile, using an ad blocker will help you save browsing data , since each of these ads adds download data to the plan you have available and finally you do not need to view those pop-up windows. What’s more, the browsing experience is noticeably improved when those annoying ads aren’t involved.

Script management

A Script is a command line that obeys the application that executes them, the scripts can be programmed to make changes on our computer, open new pages, click on other ads, they can even read all the information on the page we visit and As if that were not enough, there are also scripts that are capable of reading and storing the personal passwords that we type on our computer or mobile phone. Normally, when we visit a page that contains advertisements, they can contain these scripts that can cause us great problems if we are not able to control them.

It is here, where having a good ad blocker installed is essential for everyone who surfs the internet very frequently, since this blocker will be the one who grants the permissions to the different scripts so that they can be executed or not in our system, they analyze the code that these contain and determine the origin of the script in question to verify if it is safe to execute it or on the contrary to prevent it from doing so.

Privacy protection

As we have seen, the security of our privacy, data and personal files is threatened by the presence of the different Scripts that may be programmed to steal it, damage it or spread it to malicious people, all this because the advertising with which many pages are Contaminated, it serves as an entrance to our system being vulnerable in the hands of computer bots that can get to seize our information and make recovering it extremely difficult and in some cases impossible.

But all this annoying inconvenience can be prevented by just spending a few minutes to analyze and configure an ad blocker that allows us to create a shield around our Mozilla Firefox browser, so it is worth investing a little time in ensuring that our privacy when browsing on the internet you are not at risk .

What are Firefox approved blockers?

As we have mentioned, the best way to navigate with Mozilla Firefox without having to endure those annoying advertisements , however, it is not advisable to install any extension, but to make sure that we have the best ones and that they provide us with the guarantee that our stored data in the browser they are not at risk. For this we have made a selection of the best ad blockers that we have analyzed.

AdBlocker Ultimate

This is a highly efficient ad blocker, which is compatible with practically all browsers on the market, but especially compatible with Mozilla Firefox because it is open source (Open Source) . What makes it very powerful and with one of the most efficient technical support. It is completely free and promises to block absolutely all advertisements, as it does not have a white list so its tolerance for ads is extremely low.

uBlock Origin

A powerful ad blocker that among its tools offers a strict domain blocker, so that you can completely restrict access to your browser to those sites from which you do not want to see even the slightest advertisement. On the other hand, it can be configured to disable the use of JavaScript to prevent ads that manage to bypass uBlock Origin security from executing a script that is harmful to your system.

This extension for Mozilla Firefox has a great acceptance among users, more than 15 million users have downloaded and integrated it with their browsers and it is that in addition to being free, it consumes very few resources on your system.


It is well known by all Internet users that each movement we make through the Internet is analyzed and becomes part of our “Profile of conduct and interests” in a database that reaches the hands of people we do not know, but who use that information to invade us with advertising and advertisements that these companies consider will be of interest to us.

AdNauseum has a differentiator in terms of other ad blockers and that is that in addition to effectively blocking the advertising of the sites we visit, it also clicks on each ad that it blocks in the background. This in order to confuse the system behind the ads and corrupt that profile that has been created for us, so that we are discarded from the ad lists and every day we are invaded with less advertising.

Popup Block

One of the best extensions that you can choose for your browser, since it performs its function very well of blocking all pop-ups, popups, pounders and windows that overlap on the pages you visit effectively.

In this way you will be minimizing the risk of some type of malware being installed on your system, it also has a section where you can consult all the content that has been blocked while browsing, you can also create a white list so that you can visit sites where if you want to see the ads so that Popup Block does not block them.

Webmail Ad Blocker

Currently, it is common to keep our account open mail, since it receive daily a lot of important information, but as they reach our inbox emails that are waiting, can also sneak some spam that can reach to be annoying and difficult to remove .

This is where this extension comes into play, since Webmail Ad Blocker will take care of blocking the ads that may come along with your emails so that you can read them without problem.

It supports the services of Hotmail,, Gmail and Yahoo mail. This extension is totally free and is available in more than 11 languages , besides that its consumption of resources is very low and it will give you the best results by eliminating all the advertising from your emails.

How to customize the type of blocking they will perform?

Indeed, each of the extensions that we have just shared has among its options a function called “Black List” which serves as a container for those pages that you will add so that the blocker you are using activates its most powerful shields when you visit these pages specifically. You can add as many web addresses as you want to avoid that your advertisements jump as soon as you enter.

In the same way, most of the blockers contain a “White List” which is the place where you will add those web addresses that you wish to authorize to show you the advertising it contains.

Can the ad blocking be deactivated?

In the case of Mozilla Firefox, ad blockers are usually shown in the upper right part of the browser bar, there you can enter the extension you have installed and look for the option called “Deactivate Protection” or “Deactivate Blocking for this site. “ .  Activate it and this site will no longer be filtered by your blocking exemption.

In the event that your browser is configured in private browsing mode , then it will automatically be blocking all content that could be considered as advertisements and popups.

If what you want is to deactivate this mode, you only have to click on the shield icon next to the navigation bar, in the upper left corner and click on the option “Deactivate blocking for this site” .

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