How can I restrict tags on my Instagram? – Accept or reject

As Instagram grew to become one of the most used networks in the world, its developers added tools for better communication and exposure of all the content that is shared there.

One of them was the restriction of labels , with which we can choose which ones will appear in our publications and which ones will not. In this way we will avoid publications that we do not like or which have no relationship with us.

How to do to Restrict Tags on my Instagram? – Accept or Reject

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  1. What steps to take to put restrictions on the tags of your Instagram account?
    1. From your Windows PC or Mac
    2. With your Android or iOS Mobile
  2. How to accept tags in your Instagram account?
  3. How can you avoid being mentioned in Instagram comments?
  4. What is the way to remove a mention on your Instagram account?

What steps to take to put restrictions on the tags of your Instagram account?

The label is an option to identify or name people, brands and collaborators that appear in the content or, it can also be used as a strategy to attract the attention of accounts that may be interested in the information exposed.

However, many times it can happen that we do not want to appear in someone’s content, because we do not like or have no relationship with said content and want to be more selective. Instagram gives the option to restrict the use of tags on our profile, with the option to accept or reject appearing in the tagged post.

From your Windows PC or Mac

For this process we will go to the installed internet browser, search for ‘Instagram’. We will enter with our username and password. Once there we must go to the icon of the profile photo to the right, in the upper bar.

When we enter the profile, the username will appear, the option ‘edit profile’ and next to it a tool icon, on which we will click.

The configuration options will be displayed, we will click on “privacy and security”, on the page the configuration of “photos in which they appear” will appear, we select the option “add manually” and from there you will be notified when you want to approve or in another case  you want to recover it to show it.

With your Android or iOS Mobile

You will enter the Instagram application , either from your Android or iOS you can perform the operation in the same way.

  1. Open Instagram and go to the profile, located in the lower right corner of the interface.
  2. Once inside the profile, an icon with three lines is located in the upper right area. Touch said icon.
  3. Some options will be displayed, including this ‘configuration’.
  4. You will enter configuration, press the option ‘privacy’.
  5. The configurable options will be there, depending on the Instagram update the ‘label’ option may appear at once there. Otherwise, the ‘publications’ option should be clicked on that option.
  6. Once inside, either ‘tags’ or ‘posts’ Instagram will show how you can configure and restrict tags.
  7. Within the options appears; ‘Allow tags from: everyone, people you follow and nobody’.
  8. Also, under that option, there will be ‘approve tags manually’. Once this configuration is activated, you will receive a request notification to reject or approve the mentioned label.

How to accept tags in your Instagram account?

Once you have made the configuration, you will receive a notification in the notification section that is in the heart icon. You will enter said notification and you will be able to select whether to accept or reject the request.

How can you avoid being mentioned in Instagram comments?

Just like the labels we will go to ‘settings’, then to ‘mentions’ there you can select who you want to be mentioned in Instagram comments, which can be ‘everyone’, ‘people who follow you’ or ‘none’.

What is the way to remove a mention on your Instagram account?

When someone has wanted to name us in a publication or story, the notification reaches us and from there, we can see the content where we have been named, which can be a video, photo, reels or story.

Once inside the publication we will have the option to delete the comment if it has been a mention in said publication. If it has been in the caption, we will click on the icon of the three points to remove me from the publication.

Another way is from your profile, in the tags section where there is an icon with the silhouette of a person inside a box. There you will be able to see all your tags and remove , where you don’t want your tag to appear as well as from your tags section.

The best way to avoid being mentioned in a post that you don’t like is to configure the privacy of those who tag you or only tag your friends.  This way you will learn the correct way to restrict tags, as well as to accept or reject them in specific cases.


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