How to block spam tags on Instagram

How to avoid getting tagged by Instagram spam pages ? Here’s a complete guide to saving yourself from spam and blocking bots on Instagram.

In recent months you have certainly noticed using Instagram that some pages of this platform are able to tag you in their posts or in their Stories without you following them . Unfortunately, it is a phenomenon which, in addition to being particularly annoying, can also become a bait for malware and computer attacks , certainly not very pleasant to eradicate.

Although you have set your profile to private, one way or another these spam pages manage to tag you, but is it possible to limit them? In this tutorial we will see how not to get tagged on Instagram by analyzing the tools that this digital platform makes available to its users. We’ll also cover how to defend against spam for pages you can’t block with Instagram’s advanced tools.



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How to block spam tags on Instagram

When an Instagram spam page tags you in one of its posts, as you know you can view it both on your smartphone and from your PC. The procedure for blocking spam pages is different on one or the other device, let’s see how to do it for each one.

Yes smartphone

We assume that you have already installed Instagram on your smartphone, be it Android or iOS . Once you have logged in with your account credentials, you can block tags on Instagram pages . Once the main Instagram screen is displayed, all you have to do is click on the profile picture at the bottom right .

Your account page will open where you can publish posts , Reels , Stories and everything you want. At this point you will have to press, at the top right, on the three overlapping horizontal lines and access the Settings option . Scrolling through the list of items you will find the one called Privacy , click on it and immediately after access Mentions .

You will see three different solutions: Everyone , People you follow and Nobody . How can you deduce:

  • Allow everyone to mention you: allows Instagram and the pages registered on the platform to tag you on all Stories, posts and live videos;
  • Allow people you follow to mention you– Only your friends can tag you.
  • Disallow Mentions: Prevents anyone from tagging you in posts or their content.

You will now have to select the one you want, to avoid spam page tags Instagram can be just fine with both the People you follow and Nobody solutions . The important thing is not to select the All item .

You can restore these settings whenever you want, but we advise you to periodically check that the one you have chosen is active with each update. Unfortunately Instagram, when you update the application on smartphones, usually resets some parameters , such as profile privacy and Mentions .

With PC

If you prefer to use your PC every day to access Instagram, the problem of spam tags is unfortunately present in the same way, but you can still eliminate it. In this case we will have to use a web browser to access the platform, you can opt for Google Chrome or other software, nothing changes between Firefox , Safari , DuckDuckGo , FreeAdblocker or similar.

Go to the official Instagram website and enter the login data with which you registered in the Login form, or log in directly with your Facebook account .

Once the home page of the famous social network has opened, you will have to look inside it for the icon with the three superimposed lines next to the More item , with Google Chrome it is positioned at the bottom left. The page with the Instagram options will open, you will have to click on Settings and then, in the Edit profile section , the item How others can interact with you .

As for the smartphone version, you will see the Mentions section on the right , with the options: Everyone , People you follow , Nobody .

To block Instagram spam pages, just select the second or third item in the list.

How to defend against spam on Instagram

One of the most annoying problems is getting notified of tags from completely unknown pages , but why does this happen? Unfortunately, this problem is given by bots on Instagram , i.e. automated programs that send messages to many users randomly. Luckily you can block Instagram bots for both posts and Stories, let’s see how.


Launch the Instagram app from your Android or iOS smartphone and locate the profile of the page that tagged you. Click on it to view the profile and select the three dots at the top right . At this point, all you have to do is choose the Block item to avoid receiving further tags. You can also make a report, just tap Report .

If you want to do the same from a PC, start the Instagram website  and click on the profile that tagged you and immediately after on the three dots next to the profile name. Click on Block this user and that’s it.

Instagram Stories

The same problem can also be found in the Instagram Stores , the more advanced bots in many cases can also access these tools. To block tags and bots from smartphones, open the Story you were tagged in and locate the bot’s profile . At this point press on (…) and immediately after on Report and choose what you want to report, whether A specific post or Something about this account .

From a PC, the procedure is very similar: log in to Instagram , start the bot’s History, enter the bot’s profile and click on the (…) icon . Select the Block , Restrict or Report item.

Create a private profile

The methods analyzed up to now are those that allow you to block bots and tags directly, but you can also think of preventing these phenomena. In addition to setting the impossibility of tagging you in the Mentions , you can also create a private profile . While bots have been able to access tags for private profiles in recent months, you’ll still be able to restrict most of them.

In order for you to create a private profile, simply access the application with your smartphone and go to your Profile . From here, press on the three lines at the top right and select Settings and Privacy . At this point, stop on Account privacy . Simply activate the Private Account feature to prevent others from viewing your profile.

You can also do it on a PC , in this case you will have to select Settings and Privacy and check the Private account item .

Block Instagram accounts

As we’ve covered above, you can block Instagram bots, but don’t think this is only for automated pages. In fact, the exact same system is also effective with all the other pages on Instagram, whether they are malicious or of really active users.

You will have to select the account you wish to block by accessing its profile page, then choosing the (…) icon and the Block option .

Alternatively, you can apply account restrictions limiting unwanted interactions without having to block or unfollow people you know. Instead of Block , press Apply restrictions and that’s it. For more info read our guides on how to block someone on Instagram and how to understand who blocked you on Instagram .

Delete SPAM comments

Once you understand how to block bots on Instagram , it will not be difficult for you to eliminate automated comment spam as well . Since comments are made under your posts, within Stories or in the private chat, all you have to do is access the content and view the message.

  • For Direct messages , access the dedicated section by pressing the message arrowat the top right , and hold down the spam profile for two seconds. A window will open for you and you will need to select Delete .
  • For spam under posts, instead, access the content and click on the message Hold for a few seconds and choose to delete it by selecting the trash can icon .


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