How to insert multi-link in Instagram bio

Find out everything you need to know about the new Instagram feature announced by Mark Zuckerberg.A very important novelty comes from Instagram with the official announcement of Marc Zuckerberg .

The CEO of Meta has launched with a broadcast one of the most requested features by users that will be particularly appreciated by content creators and influencers. Find out what it is!

The multi-link in the Instagram bio

The Instagram platform is continuously enriched with new features that significantly improve the experience of users of the social network. Since yesterday it is possible to insert more than just one link in the Instagram biography, to be exact up to 5 clickable and shareable external links that can be used to refer to external content relevant to the community starting from creator and influencer accounts. despite not having the fateful stamp verified. This is an option that emulates the service performed so far by Linktree, but from now on it will no longer be necessary to rely on a third-party service.

How to insert multi-link in Instagram bio

To add more than one link in the Instagram bio, just tap on Edit profile and click on Add link. Each link can be given a title and the various links can be reordered from the point of view of their display. This important novelty is already available for all users globally…trying is believing!

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