How to put blue letters on Instagram bio

Within Instagram you can modify things within the profile that make it stand out much more than before. One of the things that makes an Instagram profile stand out much more is the blue letters. These blue letters can be placed on any Instagram profile, regardless of whether the account is not verified.

These types of letters look great, but hardly anyone puts them on their profile because they have no idea how to do it. Next we will show you how to change the letters on your Instagram profile and a list of apps that can be used to place this type of letter. Apart from this, we will show you which applications allow you to place blue characters and how to change the letters within the descriptions of your photos.

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  1. How to change Instagram bio lyrics using apps?
  2. What apps can change the font of Instagram bio?
    1. Fonts Keyboard
    2. Metatags
    3. LingoJam
  3. What are the applications that allow you to have the letters in blue?
    1. Font changer
    2. Fonts
  4. How are the letters in the photo descriptions changed?

How to change Instagram bio lyrics using apps?

In order to change these types of letters within the biography of your Instagram account, it is necessary that you use some secondary applications. From these applications is where you are going to get the font of the letter and also its color. Once the text portion is in the font and the color blue, go to your Instagram account, click on ‘Edit profile’ and place the text in your profile name.

In case you didn’t know, this type of text can be placed anywhere within Instagram including in comments, photo descriptions and even stories. With Instagram, you can enjoy new features such as placing your profile name in blue and also placing a Reels with multiple photos . These two functions are very helpful when you want to improve the appearance of the profile along with the quality of the publications.

What apps can change the font of Instagram bio?

There are multiple apps that allow you to change the type of letters you want to use within Instagram to change the profile name or otherwise place it in the description of a publication. We see at least three apps that will help you replace the letters in your biography:

Fonts Keyboard

The Fonts Keyboard is an application that you can download from the Play Store . This is a keyboard with which you can use different letter formats, with unique styles and also with very varied colors. With the help of this computer, you will be able to add blue letters to your Instagram account in the biography.


The function of Metatags is very similar to the Fonts Keyboard app, only the application turns out to be a bit more complex than Fonts Keyboard . In addition, the app is not available in the Play Store, so if you want to use this application on your phone, you will have to search for it in the APK file.


With LingoJam you can put multiple styles of letters and different colors to the letters of the biography of your account. This application is not available in the Play Store either, so if you want to use it you will have to search for it in an APK file and install from the file manager.

When you have downloaded any of these applications and you have changed the color of the letters of your biography , you can edit a long list of your best friends within Instagram. In this way, you will show off from your Instagram profile to all the people you care about.

What are the applications that allow you to have the letters in blue?

In addition to the aforementioned applications, it is also convenient that you use web letter generators according to a particular style and also with a specific color. All these format generators for any number of letters will be useful to change the format and color of the letters on Instagram.

Font changer

Font Changer is a popular text generator with various formats. With it you can choose any type of letter style and also the color, to place it in your Instagram biography. With this font generator, you can also place the description of your birthday announcement posts .


Fonts is a Google feature that also allows you to output text with different formats. The best thing about this generator is that it turns out to be very fast and does not consume the balance plan of your mobile phone at all. If you don’t have a lot of storage space on your computer, you can use some of the two source web generators just mentioned.

How are the letters in the photo descriptions changed?

To change the letters that you have put to your photos uploaded on Instagram you must do three simple things. First, go to your Instagram account. Second, look for the photo in your profile, press the 3 lines icon on the side of the photo. Third, click on ‘Edit’ and place the new portion of text with a different font. This process can be used whenever you want and from any device. But so that you do not have to do all this, it is better that when you upload the photo, place the letters with the type of font that you like the most.

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