Ps4 Blue Screen;Guide to fix the blue light error on PS4

Ps4 Blue Screen;Sony USA has published a manual so that those affected by the “blue light of death” on PS4 can check different points of their console and, thus, try to find and solve the cause of the error.

One of the most controversial issues is causing the launch of PS4 in the United States is, without a doubt, the errors that a small percentage of consoles present and that are embittering the premiere of the new generation to certain users, some of whom encountered serious bugs such as  problems with the HDMI connector or the dreaded ” blue light of death “, a fatal indication that the PS4 has completely stopped working.

To try to help those affected by blue light as much as possible, Sony USA has developed a help guide for users themselves to carry out a general check-up of PS4 and, with a bit of luck, fix malfunctions in their consoles.

In this news we have encouraged to translate this manual for you, because (we hope not) it may be useful after the launch of PS4 in Spain on November 29 :

Ps4 Blue Screen;Fixing the blue light of death issue on PS4

Blue light can be indicative of:

-TV compatibility issues

-Problems with the PS4 power supply.

-Ps4 hard drive error

-Problems in other PS4 components

TV compatibility issues

Some users have fixed this error by updating the firmware of their televisions to the latest version.

PS4 power supply problems

  1. Turn off PS4 completely. Press the off button on the console for 7 seconds (until the system beeps twice).

2. Disconnect the PS4 power cord from the electrical outlet. Do it only when the power indicator is off, otherwise you may lose data or damage your system.

  1. Check parts A, E and F for any abnormality or damage. Try using a different power cable (for example the PS3 one) to see if the error is solved.

Hard Drive Problems

  1. Turn off PS4 completely.
  2. Unplug PS4 from the power outlet.
  3. After the console is turned off, remove the rest of the cables from the system.
  4. Slide the PS4 top cover in the direction indicated by the graphic.
  5. Check that the HD is properly inserted into place. A single screw secures the hard drive in place, as shown in the image.
  6. If you suspect a problem, or just want to change the PS4 hard drive for another of your choice, please follow the instructions in this article .

Operating System Problems

If the hard drive and power supply appear to be fine, try restarting PS4 in Safe Mode as detailed below:

  1. Turn off PS4 completely with the button on the top panel.
  2. With the console off, press and hold the ‘power’ button and release it at the second beep.
  3. Connect Dualshock 4 controller to PS4 via USB cable and press PS button on it.

Within safe mode, you can:

  1. Restart the PS4 system in ‘normal’ mode (exiting from safe mode)
  2. Change the resolution
  3. Update PS4 firmware
  4. Restore factory settings
  5. Rebuild the database
  6. Initialize PS4 as a new console (losing all settings)
  7. Initialize PS4 as a new console (deleting all the contents of the hard disk, including the console software).

In case of not being able to solve the error and get PS4 to work normally again, we will have no choice but to contact the store where we bought the console or directly with Sony Customer Service .


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