Alexa colors: what does red, orange, blue, or white light mean?

If you have any of the Amazon Echo smart speakers, you may have noticed that they use lights that vary in color depending on the state of the device. Do you know what each of them means?

Through voice commands, Alexa can perform a lot of tasks for us: turn the lights on and off, give us the weather report, make the shopping list or play our favorite music among others. The way the smart speaker communicates with us is through different lights that change color depending on the status of the device. For example, on round speakers like the Echo Dot or Echo Studio, the LED ringWe will find it at the top of the device, while on smart screens like Echo Show 10 a line is displayed at the bottom of the screen. If your speaker shines in colors such as orange, purple or red, you will want to know what is happening, and sometimes, not even Alexa herself can give you that answer.


When a yellow burst begins to appear on the Echo speaker that happens slowly every few seconds it means that Alexa has a message or a notification for us, or even that there is a reminder that we have missed. To know the content of the notifications we must say aloud: “Alexa, what notifications do I have? or What messages do I have?


If we see that there is a cyan focus on a blue ring, it means that Alexa is listening for what we may request. The light ring will flash briefly when Alexa has heard our request and is processing it. However, if a slowly spinning blue-green or cyan light means the device is starting up. If we have not configured the device yet, the light will turn orange to indicate that we can now configure it.


If our Echo speaker shows a solid red light, it means that we have pressed the microphone on / off button, which means that the device’s microphone is disconnected and that Alexa is not listening. If we want to reactivate the microphone, just press the button again. On Echo devices that have a camera, a red light bar means that the video cannot be shared.


The orange color, as we have advanced previously, means that the device is in configuration mode or is trying to connect to the Internet. Until we configure it or it is able to connect to the Internet, an orange light will appear rotating clockwise.


The flashing green light means that we are receiving a call or that someone is entering our device using “Drop In”. However, if the green light rotates counterclockwise it means that the device is on an active call or that “Drop In” is active.


When we have the “Do not disturb” functionality activated, if we make a request, the light will briefly appear purple. On the other hand, during the initial configuration of the device the purple color means that there is some kind of problem with the WiFi network.


When we have to adjust the volume of our smart speaker, the volume levels are white. Also, a rotating white light means that Alexa Guard is on and in Away Mode. We can modify this mode to return Alexa to home mode through the Alexa app.

Now you know the meaning of each color and the rhythm of each light on your Amazon Echo smart speaker. If at any time you do not remember the meaning of each color you can also ask Alexa: what does your light mean? And she will try to get you out of your doubts.

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