How to fix blue screen error 0x00000082 DFS_FILE_SYSTEM in Windows 10?

The drawbacks in the Windows operating system are not strange, since failures almost always occur, such as error 0xc0000034 , which affect users in various ways. It is precisely because of one of these errors that today’s guide was created, so that you can learn how to repair blue screen error 0x00000082 DFS_FILE_SYSTEM.

There is nothing worse than skipping a Windows error and not knowing how to solve it, and even more if it is the famous blue screen of death, because this usually means that the computer is damaged, however, not in all cases the damage is irreparable, and this is one of them.

It should be noted that you should update Windows 10 to the latest version, or download it from the Store , because you will need the system to be in optimal conditions to start with the solutions.

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  1. How to fix blue screen error 0x00000082 DFS_FILE_SYSTEM?
  2. Solve the error by means of commands!

How to fix blue screen error 0x00000082 DFS_FILE_SYSTEM?

Now, before starting the process that will teach you to repair blue screen error 0x00000082 DFS_FILE_SYSTEM, you have to know why this annoying error originates.

The reality is that it almost always shows up when there is a very malicious virus or malware on the PC , which is corrupting files and causing havoc and failure. For this reason, the first way to solve this problem is to download a good antivirus that fights the infection.

Since, if your program manages to detect the virus and eliminate it from the root, the failure will remain in the past and you will not have to do anything else. Obtaining a good defense system is not difficult at all, you just have to download and install a free antivirus , or if you don’t buy one, you can search our antivirus lists .

As a recommendation, you should use another antivirus along with Windows defender , because although Windows’ native protection system is not the best, it is not right to disable it completely (it may cause errors in the future). In the event that you do not want to download more programs or that a cleaning does not work on your PC, then you will have to try another solution.

Solve the error by means of commands!

If with what you read above you could not fix blue screen error 0x00000082 DFS_FILE_SYSTEM, then you have to try a series of commands that will help you end your dilemma.

To be able to activate them you have to first go to the Windows start, there place in the bar: CMD; When you get the option that bears the same name, right-click on it and run it as administrator.

This action will cause the CMD window to appear, being inside it write: SFC / scannow and press enter, that will make a scan of all the files on your PC be performed and any error you have will be resolved (once finished the scanning process reboots your computer).

If that does not solve your error, then the last thing you can do is install all the available updates , that is why it was recommended to have Windows updated.

To be able to download the updates, you just have to go to Windows Update from your start, and there press the button called “Install now”, that should update your computer completely and end the failure at the same time.

And voila, with what you read you can say that you know how to fix blue screen error 0x00000082 DFS_FILE_SYSTEM, so it is time to go and try any of the solutions named here to see which one works for you.

If for some reason you can’t eliminate the bug, then you will have to give up and send your PC to be repaired, because there is nothing else you can do yourself.


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