“Can’t login using another player’s login ID” How do I fix this?

Now that Sony has confirmed that it will be closing the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 3 , PSP and PS Vita , there are users of these platforms who entered a race against time to make the final purchases before the store disappears.Can’t login using another player’s login ID”

For many it is a critical situation, because only through these three consoles you have access to classic titles from PSOne and PS2 – remember that PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 do not have backward compatibility with the catalog of past PS iterations.

The PS1 games that will go forever with PS Store closures/Can’t login using another player’s login ID”

If you fall into that sector that needs to buy classic games before the store closes on July 2 on PlayStation 3 , it is highly likely that you will not be able to log in as you usually do.

What we mean is that, if when you turn on the PlayStation 3 the console does not allow you to log in despite the data entered and the password being those of your PlayStation Network (PSN) account, we suggest you try the following.

Enter through a web browser to the PlayStation Network site and there log in as you normally would (email associated with your PSN account and password).

Having logged in, locate your avatar, click on it and within the options that will be displayed choose “Account Settings” .

You will arrive at a new page where you must locate the “Security” tab and select it.

You will be redirected to a Sony page where you will see your details (email, password, security question and phone number).

Below you will see the two-step verification section (if you have not activated it yet, activate it; your account will be better protected) and below this you will see the option “Device configuration password” . Select it.

You will see a message that reads “For PS3, PS Vita, PSP, or some mobile phones, please use a device setup password the first time you log into the Sony Entertainment Network from that particular device.”

Most likely, in the past you logged into your PlayStation 3 a number of times, however it is likely that at some point you made a change to your PlayStation Network account (for example, in the password) that now prevents you from logging in. on this console as you normally would.

On the same screen of the message you will see a button that says “Generate a new password . ” Click and enter that new password on your PlayStation 3 to log into PSN.

It must be clarified that this new password generated will not modify the one you usually use to log in to PSN, as it is only a security protocol that only impacts PS3, PSP and PS Vita.

Since you enter the generated password and log into your PlayStation 3, the next time you have to log in will be with your usual information .

Why can’t I connect to PSN?”, “Why am I being kicked out of the network?” and other similar questions are increasingly being asked by PS4 and PS3 owners. Sometimes the problem lies in the Sony servers themselves, and then you just have to wait. However, in most cases, you can fix network problems yourself. In this article, we will analyze common PSN problem situations and suggest solutions.

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PSN problems/Can’t login using another player’s login ID”

The most common problem is the crash of the PlayStation Network itself. If an error code CE-33991-5 is displayed during connection, then the problem is most likely from Sony. You can check the PSN status on the official page: https://status.playstation.com/ru-RU/ . The site is updated regularly, and also indicates the specific cause of the problem at the moment. It also indicates potential issues with certain online games, trophy syncing, and the availability of other online features. If the service really crashed, then you just have to wait until Sony itself fixes the problem.

If the page doesn’t show any problems, then the PS4 is having internet problems. Go to Settings> Network> Check Internet Connection and follow the instructions. If the connection fails, disconnect the network router and modem from the power for a couple of minutes, and also turn off the PS4. Then turn on your modem, router, and finally your console. Test the connection again – the problem should be resolved.

Lag during multiplayer

After connecting to PSN while playing some online games, you may experience lag. Poor Wi-Fi connection is usually the cause. In this case, move the router closer to the console. If there is a wall or floor between the attachment and the device, the obstacle will delay the speed and signal strength.

If the solution doesn’t work, it’s worth trying a wired connection to the console using an Ethernet cable. It takes longer and requires you to run a cable from the modem to the set-top box, but a cable connection fixes most PSN problems, including lag and disconnection during online battles.

In addition, you may need to change the tariff for a faster connection. Try the above methods before calling your ISP. At the same time, none of the network users should load the connection – stream video online or download a large file.

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