Np 37602 8 ps4 youtube;Why can’t I log into YouTube on PS4?

Np 37602 8 ps4 youtube. A new bug is taking place on PS4 dubbed YouTube NP-37602-8. What kind of fault is this? Do you have a solution? Although the development team is already investigating, there is a little trick that helps make this bug disappear.

If you are an active video consumer, the YouTube platform is one of the best applications to do so . That is not new, but what has just been discovered is that YouTube on PlayStation 4 is experiencing a series of problems that have caused some users to not be able to enjoy the videos well while browsing the console.

PS4 has a YouTube application to access the platform immediately. Unfortunately, console owners have discovered that when trying to launch the application a strange  error dubbed YouTube NP-37602-8 PS4 appears.

If you try to log in with the user’s account, it will not be possible and YouTube will not allow access to playlists, subscribed channels or personalized notifications and recommendations . Of course, this causes a problem, as the method of rendering a video can be much more cumbersome.

Unfortunately, until Sony and Google fix this bug, the problem will persist. Despite the fact that it is a very recent failure and there is not much information about it, it has been found that the lack of login can be avoided by sending videos from the YouTube application to your phone or other device.

To configure this option, you must access the Settings menu at the bottom of the YouTube application on PS4. Find the TV Link section and select Link with Wi-Fi . At that moment you must open the YouTube application on your phone and press the Cast transmission icon located in the corner.

This will give you a list of devices, so choose your PS4 and the two should link automatically . This way you will be able to send videos directly to your PS4 and you will avoid that you miss the strange error that a few users have already experienced. It is not known if this error could have to do with the latest PS4 firmware update .

Why can’t I log into YouTube on PS4?/Np 37602 8 ps4 youtube

You cannot log into YouTube on the PS4 app due to error NP-37602-8.

The NP-37602-8 bug makes it impossible for almost all Sony loyalists to log into their YouTube profile on the PS4 app.

This is understandably annoying because it results in you not being able to find recommended videos that best suit your tastes.

Instead, you should see what YouTube is recommending to the general public, which is just a bunch of shoddy music and videos with shocked faces in the thumbnail.

Although you can’t log into PS4, there is a workaround so that you can still enjoy your recommended content.

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How to fix PS4 YouTube error NP-37602-8

There is no solution for PS4 YouTube error NP-37602-8 as it is a problem that only Sony and the video platform can solve.

However, while there is no official solution for PS4 error NP-37602-8 on YouTube, there is a temporary solution that will allow you to enjoy its recommended content.

Turn on your PlayStation 4 system
Open the YouTube application
Move down the menu on the left side to Settings at the bottom
Select Link with Wi-Fi
Open the YouTube application on your iOS or Android that must be connected to the same network as your TV and PS4
Play a YouTube video on your phone and then select the Cast icon (the TV with the WiFi symbol in the bottom corner)
Choose your PS4 from the list of devices

You can still log into the YouTube app on your phone and the steps above will allow you to stream recommended videos to your PS4 and TV.


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