How to change the font on your Instagram bio

This way you can customize your profile on this popular social network. By default, Instagram uses one of the most used fonts in the world due to its simplicity and versatility: Helvetica. Which makes the text within the platform clear and legible.

But did you know that you can change the font that appears on your biography? You may have noticed that several users have different fonts in the bio of their Instagram profile and the way to do it is not as complicated as it may seem.

So if you want to change the font that appears in your Instagram biography to adapt it to your liking, these are the steps you must follow, however, it should be noted that, to carry out this process, you will need a computer.

1- Select a font generator for Instagram

There are several sites that have a wide range of fonts, among the best known are: Meta Tags, Instagram Fonts, Insta Fonts, LingoJam, and Letters and Fonts.

They are all used in the same way, but in Meta Tags you have a preview of the source available, so you can see how the text you want to change will look.

2- Write the text in the tool

When you access the tool, you just have to write the text you want to change in the “Edit text” box.

3- Select the font that you like the most

On the platform you can have a preview of the text you wrote in the box in various sources, so you only have to select the one you like best.

4- Copy the source and then paste it into your Instagram biography

Once you have selected the font that you liked the most, click on “Copy”. Then, open Instagram in a browser tab and look for the “Settings” option, this will automatically display the “Edit profile” section.

Then, in the “Layout” box, paste the text you copied from the font generator. You can use multiple fonts on different lines. Finally, save the changes, and when you return to your profile, you will be able to see the new source of your Instagram biography.


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