How to change the font on your Instagram story


  • 1What fonts are available in Stories
    • 1Normal
    • 2Thin Caps
    • 3Fancy Cursive
    • 4Almost published
    • 5Bro
    • 6Comic Sans Adjacent
    • 7The Cut
    • 8Android
    • 9New Money Serif
  • 2How to change the font in the story
    • 1On Android
    • 2On the iPhone

Any professional designer will tell you that in projects where text is present, it is the choice of font that plays a fundamental role in all success. With a competent approach to the development of any social network account, it is equally important to take into account its choice when creating posts. Today we will figure out how to change the font in the Instagram story, and also take a quick look at all the proposed options.

What fonts are available in Stories

Let’s briefly consider each proposed option. In total, the platform offers 9 fonts to choose from.


Suitable for almost all types of publication. Many people call this style rather boring and faded, but with the right interesting material this flaw is not perceived so sharply.

Thin Caps

This version has a thinner letterforms and is more suitable for short messages than huge monologues. Keep this in mind and try to apply it wisely in stories.

Fancy Cursive

Most users find italics quite attractive and use it consistently. If you are one of them, we recommend taking a closer look at Fancy Cursive .

Almost published

” Typewriter ” is often used for smaller signatures photos or share your own poems. In other words, he needs a certain ” decoration ” of the text.


Bro is a favorite tool of all kinds of sports companies. If you periodically post content from classes in the hall, try writing a signature to it using Bro.

Comic sans adjacent

A fairly concise option, suitable for most photos and videos. Use it when ” Normal ” is boring and you want something more original.

The cut

With The Cut, we advise you to be careful. Thin lines and general ” pallor ” of the text received is poorly perceived by users, so it will not work to write Talmuds using it. The maximum is short ironic add-ons to the photo.


This style is often found in mobile versions of OC Android, if you find it attractive, then it will not be difficult to dilute everyday history for friends with a new tool.

New money serif

If you like more curves in the text and deny the style of minimalism, ” New Money ” will come in handy.

It should be noted that it is quite difficult to read and is not suitable for large volumes of text.

How to change the font in a story

Now let’s move on to the instructions for changing fonts in Stories. Often, the versions of the same application for different mobile OS are the same, but with minor features. Below we will consider the option for Android and IOS.

On Android

  1. So, open the application and switch to the mode of capturing a new story. We tap on the advising button while on the main screen.
  2. Now we remove the necessary material or prepare our own background through the ” Create” mode (in this example, this is what is used).
  3. In the post preparation window, pay attention to the upper right corner. There is an icon called ” Aa“. Click on it once.
  4. You will be taken to text input mode, and above the input panel, you will be able to choose a suitable font from the 9 options described above.

On the iPhone

  1. When using IOS, the situation is almost identical. We also launch Instagram and select the Stories shooting mode.
  2. We shoot or use the gallery and upload a pre-prepared image.
  3. Having moved to the screen for editing, pay attention to the “Aa” button next to the option to attach stickers.
  4. This is where the ability to apply a specific style to the text is located. Unlike Android, the panel with changing the font on IOS is located at the top center. You can switch between different fonts without deleting the text. This allows you to “ try on” all the proposed options without wasting time .

Now you know how to change the font in your Instagram story and you can use this feature on an ongoing basis. If your stories often contain any text, we recommend that you take a responsible approach to the choice of its font. It tends to evoke certain emotions in a person, depending on the type chosen. For example, Apple loves to use it and argues that the importance of type is often underestimated.


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