How to put the ‘blue letters’ on your Instagram profile correctly?

At present, social networks have become one of the best tools to market and publicize any kind of products , so you can use Instagram to improve the sales of your business . Of course, this application contains a large number of functions when making edits to the videos and photos that you take at the moment or from your gallery. You can also make short videos called Reels and upload them to this part of the app so that you can get more followers on your account.

But for you to be able to make your Instagram account popular, it is not enough just to upload content, but the order and type of source that you place on your Instagram biography is also important . On this occasion we will show you how you can do it so that you can personalize your account in the best way.

How to Put ‘Blue Letters’ on Your Instagram Profile Correctly?

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  1. How to add blue letters to your biography from an app?
  2. What’s the way to use multiple font types in your bio?
  3. How to center the Instagram biography?

How to add blue letters to your biography from an app?

As we already know, this function of changing the color of the Instagram letters is not native to the Instagram application as it is to put music in the stories . But it does allow you to do it through another third-party application to be able to highlight a phrase on your Instagram profile.

That is why you will need to install the Font Changer app . From there you will be able to use the blue letters to place them on your profile. After you install it, you will open it and you will press the ‘Get Started’ option and after you do this you will take off the app menu that is located in the lower part of the application on the left side.

From there you can choose any font you like, that is, the one with blue letters. When doing all this, you will have to write what you want to place in your Instagram biography and when you finish writing it, you will mark and copy it. From here you will enter the application and Instagram and you will enter your profile that is located in the lower right corner of the screen in the profile photo .

While there you will click on edit profile and then in the ‘Biography’ section you will press on the part to write so that you can paste what you have copied from Font Changer. After you have already done that, just tap on the ‘Done’ option at the top of the screen on the right hand side.

What’s the way to use multiple font types in your bio?

As in the case of putting the blue letters on your Instagram profile to be able to change your profile to different types of fonts , you have to use the Font Changer application again. You must enter this application and click on ‘Get Started’ again. You will enter the menu on the left side and there you will choose any of the font types that will be there.


Then you are going to write anything you want to add to your Instagram profile and press ‘Copy’. Then you only have to enter your profile and click on edit profile to add this writing to your biography.


How to center the Instagram biography?

Among so many ways to personalize your profile, surely you would like to keep your profile writing focused and you may think that it is a bit complicated but it is not. For this you have to enter ‘Edit profile’.

After this you will write everything you have in mind. Now you will place the dash to write before all the writing and you will start to hit the space key until you think that the writing will already be centered. If after you have finished with the centering you are not satisfied with the result you can go back to the profile edition and add or remove more spaces so that it is centered the way you want.


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