How to delete the file on your Instagram account?

All social networks that exist today have a particular archive function for publications. If you look at it from a certain point of view, such Instagram files are of great benefit. However, for various reasons you may want to delete such files.

Next we will show you each of the benefits of this type of file , how to delete a photo within your Instagram profile and where all the videos and photos are displayed. In addition, we will also explain in detail how to delete any file within the Instagram platform.

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  1. What are the benefits of the file on your Instagram profile?
    1. Have reminders
    2. Store your most important moments
    3. Get an instant logbook
  2. How do you add and remove an image from your account on Instagram?
  3. Where can you see all the images and videos on your account?
    1. On the Android or iPhone mobile app
    2. With the website
  4. How can you delete the entire file from your profile on Instagram?

What are the benefits of the file on your Instagram profile?

There are various benefits in the files that can be uploaded on the Instagram profile, there are at least three. These are the ones that allow you to have a logbook, you will have safely saved all kinds of important moments for you and you will see reminders every certain date.

Have reminders

Instagram reminders are associated with the dates you posted things like videos, images, or text stories. With these alerts you can know how long ago that file was uploaded. The Instagram in these reminders will only show you things like the images and videos that you uploaded , including the IGTV videos that you have shared in your Feed .

Store your most important moments

All the publications within Instagram save the year, the day and the hour in which a file is uploaded regardless of its type. Thanks to the fact that the platform saves this type of data, whenever you want you can access your profile to see all those old publications and remember important moments. In case you check this type of thing while you are walking outside, it is recommended that you deactivate the dark mode of the application .

Get an instant logbook

Logbooks allow you to view each of the old Instagram files or even also allow you to see all the memories of which you have been notified. With that logbook it’s so much easier to see all those featured memories.

How do you add and remove an image from your account on Instagram?

With your Instagram account you have the possibility to publish photos without having to worry about things such as storage. To upload an image within Instagram or delete it, follow these steps:

  • Log in from the app or from the website and press the icon with the shape of a sum that should be nearby
  • Choose the photo or video you want to upload and add tags or a description
  • Once you’re done, click where it says ‘Post’
  • To delete a photo that you did not like, go to your Instagram profile
  • Find the publication where the photo is located
  • When you find it, press it, press the icon with the 3 dots and then click on ‘Delete’

When you click on the ‘Delete’ option, the platform will ask you if you really want to delete that photo from your profile permanently. If you agree, click on ‘Accept’ or else on ‘Delete’. The day you want to delete a photo again , repeat the same process mentioned above.

Where can you see all the images and videos on your account?

All the videos and even the photos that you upload on your Instagram profile are saved in a certain specific place so that you and other people can view them whenever they want. Now, let’s see where all these types of files are stored within Instagram.

On the Android or iPhone mobile app

With the Instagram app, the location of your uploaded photos and videos can be easily found. For this, you must enter your profile and enter the ‘Publications’ section to see each of the publications that you have uploaded since the day you created your Instagram account. Since you will be reviewing your profile, you can take the opportunity to add something in the ‘Website’ section of Instagram .

With the website

The times you want to check your profile from a computer, you can do it through the platform’s website. To do this, log into your Instagram account, enter your profile, go to the ‘Publications’ section and search for all your old publications.

All posts like old photos and videos that are on your profile can be downloaded using a program like IDM. If by chance in your life some important photos were deleted, they can be recovered there.

How can you delete the entire file from your profile on Instagram?

There is a simple way to delete all kinds of files within an Instagram account. You must enter your profile, go on to position yourself on the ‘Publications’ section, mark all the files you want to delete and delete them. Depending on the device you use to do this, the platform will allow you to choose several publications.

Now, if the platform does not allow you to mark several photos and videos at the same time, you will have to delete all the files photo by photo and video by video.

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