How to use multi-capture on Instagram in a simple way – Upload content

To remain the main social network for the consumption and creation of audiovisual material, Instagram has had to reinvent itself by implementing new tools within the platform , tools such as the function of making a Reel with several photos , in order to offer its users a greater range of options to exploit their creativity and thus encourage the use of the application.

As Instagram continues to deliver new updates to the app, new features are added, additional settings to existing features, and bugs are fixed. All based on improving your experience in the application, as long as you learn to use these functions. Reason why, today we will teach you how to use the multi-capture on Instagram in a simple way to upload content.



How to Use Multi-capture on Instagram in a Simple Way – Upload Content

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  1. When to use Instagram multi-capture?
    1. When you want to take the photos at the same moment
  2. What is the way to use multi-capture within Instagram?
    1. With the multi-capture symbol in the App
    2. For photos that have already been taken
    3. When you want them to appear in a single photo
  3. What to do when multi-capture doesn’t work on Instagram?



When to use Instagram multi-capture?

First of all, you should know that multi-capture is an option integrated into the toolbar of the Instagram Stories section, which allows you to take different photos to publish them all at once automatically. In its current version, the multi-capture tool on Instagram allows you to take up to 8 photos in a row to post in the Stories section.

This tool is a quite effective option to add more dynamism to the stories of a personal or company account, since with it the published material will have a more natural touch in order to have a greater resonance with your follower base , thus increasing interactions and traffic. of an account, in order to have a greater reach within the application to establish itself within it.

However, just like any other tool to personalize stories creatively, you have to know when to use multi-capture effectively , in order to have a greater impact within the application. Next we will show you how to apply the multi-capture correctly in an Instagram story.

When you want to take the photos at the same moment

The main recommendation to follow to use the Instagram multi-capture function effectively is to take a series of photos at the same moment of a certain moment. That is, when you are in an outdoor place and want to capture the essence of nature, or when you are with friends to capture several photos making different poses or faces, giving a more fun touch to the stories.

In the same way, the ideal moment to use this function as well as any other, is entirely at your discretion and the ability you have to apply the multi-capture in a creative way. Since the more original the content you are creating, the greater the visual impact you will cause on your follower base and, therefore, you will be able to become a recognized Instagram profile, which can bring multiple benefits.

What is the way to use multi-capture within Instagram?

Once you have determined how to apply the multi-capture function within Instagram, you must learn the different ways to access said function in the application , since there are several ways, all of which are equally simple and in a matter of seconds you will be able to access to her. Next we will explain the different routes that you can follow to use the multi-capture within Instagram.

With the multi-capture symbol in the App

  • Open the Instagram mobile app to log in to your personal accountby tapping on the Instagram icon on the home screen of your Android or iOS phone.
  • Then tap on the camera-shaped icon inthe upper left corner or slide the screen to the right, to open the Stories section where you are going to use the multi-capture.
  • Within the Stories section, click on the multi-capture iconin the series of options that appear on the left. You can identify this icon by its shape of a circle within another circle with dashed lines.
  • Now click on the central button to take a new photo, then the Next button will appearat the bottom to take the next photo.
  • Once you’ve finished taking the series of photos, tap Next againto post all of them to stories.

For photos that have already been taken

To have this option available, it is essential to download and update Instagram for Android or iOS , otherwise the application may even present operating problems. Most mobile devices nowadays update applications automatically when connected to a WiFi network, however, in case Instagram has not been updated you will have to perform this process manually , through the application store.

Once you have installed the latest available version of the Instagram mobile application, you just have to follow the instructions below to use this method.

  • Enter your personal Instagram account and then open the section to create a story, by clicking on the camera icon or following the path of your choice.
  • In the lower left corner of the screen, click on the box-shaped iconto enter the mobile gallery.
  • Then, to be able to select several images at the same time, click on the Select several optionthat appears in the upper right corner of the gallery.
  • In this way a circle will appear in the right corner of each image, press on said circle to select an image until you reach 8.
  • When you finish selecting the images, tap on the Next button to be able to share the story on your profile. This way, each selected image will be posted to stories automatically.

When you want them to appear in a single photo

Another of the variants offered by the multi-capture tool on Instagram is that you can not only use this function in stories, but also in posts to take several photos and upload them within a single post. This variant of the multi-capture is known as Layout and you can find it during the process of uploading a new post.

The Layout feature is available to use in both stories and posts, and is located in the left-hand tools column, just above the multi-capture option. Being a quite effective option to get more visits and visibility in Instagram stories .

When selecting the Layout option, you will first have to choose the type of design you want to use, from those available in the selector. When finished, the Layout will be displayed on the screen as a single image, which you can add all the effects, filters, music, text that you want as if you were going to customize a normal story.

What to do when multi-capture doesn’t work on Instagram?

In the event that you want to use the multi-capture tool on Instagram and it does not work, it is most likely that you are using an outdated version of the application and therefore, you must update it to its latest version to correct problems. You can easily update Instagram through Google Play for Android devices or the App Store for iOS devices.

On the other hand, if the application is up to date and the multi-capture tool still does not work, you must clear the application’s cache , which due to the constant use of Instagram tends to fill up with unnecessary files that prevent its optimal operation, so It is recommended to carry out this process from time to time, depending on the frequency with which you use the Instagram application.

The process to clear the cache is quite simple, you just have to enter Settings and follow the following route: Applications and notifications> All applications> Instagram> Storage , and within this window click on the Clear data and Clear cache buttons . You will then need to sign in to your personal Instagram account again when opening the app.


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