Why won’t Snapchat upload the photos I upload and how to fix it?

Snapchat is quite famous for its educational and beautiful filters, but although the application usually behaves quite well , problems can arise at any time , such is the case of the moments in which the photos that are published do not load or announce that they cannot be uploaded to the history.

If you are presenting this type of problem, do not worry, we will show you what is happening and how to solve it.

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  1. What can cause Snapchat to crash when uploading photos?
    1. Internet connection failures
    2. Snapchat has fallen
  2. How to fix Snapchat to let me upload photos without fail?
    1. Clear app cache
    2. Uninstall and install the application
    3. Update the app

What can cause Snapchat to crash when uploading photos?

One of the things you need to know when solving a problem is what is causing it and based on that , you will find a way to fix it.

In the event that Snapchat is experiencing problems when uploading a photo, it must be taken into account that it may be due to two situations; The first is that there are failures in your internet connection and the second is that the problem is due directly to the Snapchat application and we will talk about that next.

Internet connection failures

This is something that happens frequently, the internet connection is down or too slow. Therefore, it is recommended that you restart both your modem and your router and then try to increase the Wi-Fi signal on your mobile device. If you are not using a Wi-Fi signal but you are using the data offered by your mobile operator, then you must disconnect the data.

Mobile data should be turned off for about 15 seconds and then turned back on or put the phone in airplane mode so the network can refresh. After this, it only remains to enter the Snapchat application and try to upload the photos again until they can be loaded.

Snapchat has fallen

The applications will always be in constant development , so it is normal that at some point they present a failure.

Now, one of the ways to tell if the problem is with the app is to sign out of your phone and the app, wait a few minutes, and then sign back into your account as usual. There are also other methods ranging from clearing the cache to uninstalling the app.

How to fix Snapchat to let me upload photos without fail?

After you have noticed that the problem arises from the Snapchat application, it is time to look for a solution according to the situation.

It is best to go by steps in solving the problem, that is, start by cleaning the application and its cache; If after this the error continues, then you can go to the second point, which would be to uninstall the application. If after this the problem continues, there is no other option but to update Snapchat again.

Clear app cache

  • Start by entering the ‘Settings’ menu on your mobile.
  • Scroll through the options until you find ‘Applications’.
  • Select the ‘ Manage Applications’option .
  • Find and select ‘Snapchat’.
  • Once selected you have to press the ‘Clear Data’ option. There choose the option ‘Clean cache’ and that’s it.

We recommend that, once you have cleared the cache, proceed to restart your mobile phone; This will help clear your phone’s cache as well and set up the actions you previously took.

Uninstall and install the application

  • Open the menu of your mobile and locate the Snapchat application. 
  • Press on the application for a few seconds until the options menu opens.
  • Select the ‘Uninstall’ option.
  • Go to Google Playor the App Store depending on your mobile device and search for the Snapchat app again .
  • Download the app and re-enter your details to launch it.

Update the app

To update the Snapchat application you have to go to the application store corresponding to your mobile device . Once there, you must go to the ‘Menu’ option – then ‘Applications and games’.

When you are inside this last menu you will find the option that says ‘Updates’ , enter and locate the Snapchat application and press ‘Update’. Now you just have to go to the application and continue with the process of uploading your photos again.


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