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We constantly move between social networks looking for the latest in viral content to find out what they are about and share them with those we love the most. The truth is that we are always looking for informative and entertaining material that allows us to catch some reactions in our profiles and thus increase our popularity, so it is possible that on several occasions we found ourselves with a video that in our opinion was extensive. which eventually made us lose interest preventing us from getting to the best part .

How to Put Several Videos with CapCut at the Same Time? – View Content

Due to the fast-paced life that most of us lead today, it is likely that we do not have time to enjoy such long contents and this is the reason why CapCut was born, an application with approximately 100 million downloads that inherits the music library of Tik Tok . It is one of the best video editing applications available for Android and iPhone in their respective application managers such as the Google Play Store and the App Store in its most up-to-date version. If we have joined the millions of users of this application, then we will show you how to put several videos in CapCut at the same time.

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  1. What things should you check to join two videos within CapCut?
    1. What is the resolution and light that your videos should have?
    2. Is the duration of the videos the same?
    3. Check video format compatibility
  2. What is the method to put two videos together with CapCut?
    1. Create a new project and add a video
    2. Look for the ‘overlay’ effect in the tools
    3. Edit both videos so they fit well
  3. Where do I find the video I edited with CapCut?

What things should you check to join two videos within CapCut?

In this application it is possible to join two videos in such a way that they can be played in an overlapping way, unlike many other video editing applications, in CapCut we have a variety since it is considered one of the most complete applications among the applications Useful for editing and customizing a video. So complete that it doesn’t even look like an application, because with the number of features it has that are generally absent in other editors, it becomes the best option we have to cut or make any modification to that video that calls our attention so much. but we feel that something is missing.

Of course, if we want to join two videos, it is definitely something that we can achieve in CapCut, but these videos must meet certain requirements for the final result to be as expected. These requirements must be monitored by us before unification, that is, they are things that we must review and make sure that they are in order to achieve our mission.

What is the resolution and light that your videos should have?

It is recommended that the quality that we handle in the videos of the CapCut application is the best, that is, very good and that the vast majority of the videos edited in this application end up on Tik Tok. We already know that the video library of this application is characterized by its content that is very good and of the best quality, so the minimum requirement for video editing in CapCut is that it have between 420 and 1080 pixels, so it is necessary that we review the properties of the video beforehand to be sure that it is within the quality parameters required by the application.

It is also important that we closely monitor the lighting of the videos , remember that these applications have a high reputation and enjoy the trust of users given the quality of their service, a quality that they are not willing to risk for what is better than Let’s spend time monitoring these requirements. By the way, we can do it from the gallery, locating the videos and pressing for a couple of seconds until we see some options among which is the ‘Details’ option, if we click there we will see the pixels that the video has, if it has what is necessary , we can use it, otherwise we simply discard it.

Is the duration of the videos the same?

The duration time of the videos that we want to join will depend on what we really want to create in the editor, for example, if what we want is to make a comparison between two videos , it is best that both have the same duration or at least one relatively similar time and remembering that this application is not talking about a mirror effect when we say that we are going to join two videos in a single project, they are two completely different things.

Likewise, the application determines the maximum time that a video can last, this time cannot exceed 60 seconds , that is, they are very short videos, so we must make the most of the time. However, this is not a straitjacket, that is, it is not strictly necessary that both videos have the same duration, be it a little more or less than half, what we should consider is that if they last much longer, we must apply ourselves in the edition and then upload them to Tik Tok for which we must log in to the application unless we want to share through another social network.

Check video format compatibility

CapCut has its reservations about the format it works with, as it happens with other photo and video editors, this application only supports videos in MPEG compressed format which is usually of good quality, it also supports MP4 format , which is quite similar to the previous one with the only difference that the quality in terms of audio and video is much higher and may even contain subtitles. Another difference between these formats is their weight. Being compressed in MPEG-4 formats, the MP3 format weighs much less. Having these matters clear, we will be able to select the videos that we want to join and thus begin our project.

What is the method to put two videos together with CapCut?

Before starting a project, the first thing we must have on our device is the application, so if we have an Android device, the best thing we can do is search the Google Play Store application by entering it and placing the name in the bar designated for this, as soon as we have it we must click on ‘Install’ and wait for the download and installation of CapCut to finish . With the application installed, we must carefully follow the procedure below.

Create a new project and add a video

As we already have the application installed on our electronic device, what we must do is open the application and inside, locate and select the ‘New Project’ option , then we will be given access to the gallery of videos saved on our device, in this we must select the video that we want to edit, we can also take advantage of eliminating the sound if we wish. Once we are clear about what we want to do and how we do it and having already selected the video, we continue with the procedure.

Look for the ‘overlay’ effect in the tools

In order to put the two videos in the application at the same time and having selected the first one, we must locate the ‘Overlay’ option if we select it, we will be able to position two videos together which is precisely what we are looking for. Once we click on ‘Overlay’ , the application will again give us access to our video gallery and it is at that moment that we will select the second video, then we must click on ‘Add’ in which we will quickly see how it will be displayed above the panel containing the editing tools.

Edit both videos so they fit well

At this point, it is best to make all the necessary arrangements so that both videos have the required size , so the time has come to find the ‘Format’ option available in the editing panel where we will find different modalities for the video, some of the options are 1:1, 9:16, 3:4 among others. These numbers refer to the aspect ratio of the video, that is, the size that the videos will have, what we really have to do in this step is to choose the aspect ratio that best suits our needs.

When the size of the video is adjusted, we must click on the first video that we select first and adjust it to the position that we want in relation to the video next to it. Finally we must carry out the same operation with the video that we select second so that both can be viewed, we can add some additional touch to customize our video.

Where do I find the video I edited with CapCut?

Once our video editing process is finished, we must make sure that everything is in order and the time has come to watch our video, if we look closely at the screen right at the bottom of our video we can see the icon for playback that when we press it we can see a kind of storage preview, if we like what we see and it turned out as expected, what we should do is save it.

To do this, we must locate an arrow pointing up, it is located at the top, to the right of the screen, by clicking on it we can display a small box where we can find the ‘Resolution’ section where we can choose if we want our video to be have a resolution of 420p, 720p or 1080p , if we continue down we can see the ‘Frames Per Seconds’ option, the most recommended option in this option is to select 25 or 35, finally we click on ‘Export’ and it’s that easy with this procedure so simple we will have available our video in the gallery of our device.


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