How to add an Instagram link to a Facebook bio?

If you are one of those people who created their Facebook account to communicate with friends and family and then got caught in the clutches of the Instagram platform , and in fact you might generate quite a lot of material on that social network, you will be happy to know that you can have both in the same one . space. But first let’s review some important processes.

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  1. What is done to get the Instagram profile link?
    1. from a computer
    2. from cell phone
  2. How to add an Instagram link to a Facebook bio?
    1. From the mobile app
    2. In the PC
  3. How does an Instagram account link to a Facebook page?

What is done to get the Instagram profile link?

In order to connect your  Instagram account with your Facebook account, you must follow a few steps. In this way, your Facebook contacts will be able to see your Instagram account and follow you very easily.

from a computer

The first thing you should do is load the Instagram page and enter your account. Press your photo to take you to your profile and if you look closely, a URL like appears in the navigation bar.

Where your username is the one with which you created your Instagram account in the first place. Copy that address and place it in the Facebook section that we will discuss in the next point.

from cell phone

From the mobile you must follow some additional steps to share an Instagran account with Facebook,  this will allow you to get the link of this App. Then you must enter the application from another user’s account to be able to access the menu option.

From the logged in account of another user you locate your profile, and in the upper right part you select the menu with the 3 vertical points and select  the option Copy profile URL. Done, you already have it copied.

How to add an Instagram link to a Facebook bio?

Once you know the URL of your Instagram profile, you can place it in your Facebook biography , but it is important that you think about the use you will give it, because Facebook allows you to place a web page and also your social network accounts.

So if what you want is to take them to your Instagram profile , you can place it mainly as a social network , but if you hope to create ads and manage advertising from your Facebook account, it is best to link the accounts, a process that is considered in the next point. .

From the mobile app

To place your Instagram user on Facebook, you must make sure that you have the latest version of the Facebook app and also that this is the full version, not the light version because you will not find all the options.

You enter your profile by pressing your photo, select the Edit profile button, then enter the Information section and in Contact Information you can Add the URL that you have copied to your Clipboard, or you can write your username in ‘Social Networks’, in addition to taking advantage of to configure the visibility of that information.

In the PC

From your Facebook account you enter your Profile . Once there, you must select ‘Edit information’ and in the panel that will show you on the left, select the Basic and contact information option. You can paste the URL in the Website section or simply write your username in the Instagram option of Social networks and Save changes.

In this same option you can select if you want that contact information to be visible to your friends, only to you, or to be Public for anyone inside and outside of Facebook or make a personalized list.

How does an Instagram account link to a Facebook page?

With the procedures described so far, you have only linked your Instagram user to your personal Facebook account, which will allow you to publish on both networks simultaneously when you choose. However, if you have a Facebook Page or want to create ads and manage posts from one space, there are a few extra steps you need to take.

From the Facebook page that you want to link, you must select the Settings option from the menu on the left, locate and select the Instagram option that will appear in the same menu on the left, Connect account after which it will ask you to log in to link and clever! In this simple way you can have your accounts linked.


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