How to add a friend as a ‘favorite’ on Facebook?

Everyone who uses the social network Facebook knows that it is an application that allows adults and children to communicate with their friends. But always among those people there are those who are more special; These Facebook created the function Favorite friend and we will tell you how you can use it.

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  1. How do you put a Facebook contact in favorites?
    1. When your cell phone has iOS or Android system
    2. While on a Windows or MacOS computer
  2. Why doesn’t a profile appear in the favorites list of this app?
  3. How to remove a contact from your favorites list on Facebook?

How do you put a Facebook contact in favorites?

Favorite friends on Facebook are those people such as coworkers, friends or family with whom we always want to be up to date with their posts, so in the application we can make a list with the contacts of greatest interest .

Thanks to this list you can mark these contacts with a star to receive their updates prominently. This way it would be much easier to activate your favorite friends on this social network.

When you add a contact to this list, it does not mean that they will be in it forever, but rather that you have the option of being able to delete that person so that you no longer receive their recent updates.

On the other hand, the people in this list will see the pages that interest you the most and you will also see theirs. The lists can be up to 30 friends or pages, these will be highlighted with a badge and will be in your new news or your New Feed.

When your cell phone has iOS or Android system

You can make these changes from your mobile application, be it Android or iOS . If you do not have the session open, you must start it to enter your profile. At the top there will be three horizontal lines where you must press to get to the configuration and privacy.

In the window that opens, locate News Feed Settings and click on News Feed Preferences. There you will see several options among which is favorite and in the list you have of friends add the contact you want to put in favorites.

This way their publications will be a priority in your news section. For those who do not let go of their phone, this is a very practical alternative, since it is not a complicated process and can be carried out with their mobile at any time and place.

While on a Windows or MacOS computer

For those who feel more comfortable with the computer or spend more time using it, they can also add friends in favorites, you just have to do the following: if your computer can be used by other people and you do not keep the session open, then enter the application and log in to this social network . There, locate your profile and select the arrow icon, where a window with a menu will open.

In the menu you must click on Settings and Privacy and look for news preferences . There you must choose to manage favorites; this action will show you on the screen all your friends.

So you can choose everyone you want to be part of this list with a limit of 30 members. As you choose friends, a star will be displayed to the side indicating that you are part of that select group of people.

Why doesn’t a profile appear in the favorites list of this app?

There are many reasons why you can’t see a friend’s profile on your list . Something you should keep in mind is that you should make sure that you carried out the entire procedure to the letter and did not skip any. On the other hand, you have to verify that your list has not reached the 30 favorites.

Another factor that you should check is your Internet connection, since if it is not stable you will not be able to make the pertinent changes. In addition, always try to be up to date with network updates so that you can enjoy its advantages.

How to remove a contact from your favorites list on Facebook?

Previously we mentioned that by adding a contact to your favorites list, you were not signing a lifetime contract, but rather, whenever you wanted, you could delete it. How to do it? In the manage favorites option, in each contact there will be a star next to their photo indicating that they are your favorite friend. Tapping the star will remove it from the contact and it will no longer be on your list. That easy.


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