How to block spam calls on iPhone.

I don’t know about you, but the phone spam just got me. All kinds of polls, advertising of banking services, calls from collectors to the soul of negligent acquaintances who do not pay their loans – all this not only distracts, but also spoils the mood. Yes, you can always reset an unwanted interlocutor and even add a number to the black list, but spammers have long learned to bypass these restrictions by changing the blocked numbers to new ones. As a result, it turns out that you are fighting a multi-headed monster: you chop off one head, and in its place a new one grows, even stronger and more embittered. But there is still a solution to this problem.

Got spam calls? Me too, so I blocked them all

Since there was no way to overcome spam, for a long time I just used Yandex’s iOS caller ID. He instantly and accurately identified the caller and not only called him, but also suggested whether to answer the call. Yandex easily understands that they want to impose on you, say, a credit card. Then he will clarify that it is not worth picking up the phone. And, if the purpose of the call is to approve, say, a mortgage, for which you applied earlier, then it will tell you what is better to answer it. In general, it is very convenient. But this did not get rid of unwanted calls. At least before, because now there is such an opportunity.

How to block calls from the bank and collectors

A few weeks ago, the Yandex app received an update with the function to block unwanted calls . Its purpose is to block all calls that, according to Yandex, may be undesirable for you: intruders, collectors, silent calls, advertising of financial services and loans. In general, the range of blocked numbers is quite wide. Naturally, I turned on the new feature right after it came out. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Downloadthe Yandex application from the App Store ;
  • Open “Settings” iOS – “Phone”;

After downloading the Yandex application, you need to enable the function of identifying numbers in the iOS settings

  • Select “Blocking and Identification”;
  • Turn on the identification of numbers from Yandex;

Now go to the section with services in the application and turn on the blocking

  • Start Yandex and go to “Services”;
  • Select the “Caller ID” tab;

For the most effective blocking, you need to enable all parameters.

  • Open the section “Call blocking”;
  • Enable all items to block calls.

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An important clarification: in order for the function of blocking numbers on the iPhone to work, it is necessary to download the Yandex database upon completion of all settings. It includes a wide range of telephone numbers with information about their owners. It is on this that the application will rely on when making blocking decisions. Moreover, the database will be downloaded only if you keep the application open. Fortunately, the whole process doesn’t take very long. But make sure that the screen does not turn off until the download is complete.

Block advertising calls on iPhone

At first, the spam blocking function did not work very well. Despite the fact that I immediately felt that there were fewer unwanted calls, they still made their way. Once a day or two, but they were there. Fortunately, it was mostly advertising. However, after a few days I noticed that there was a new blocking option in the application called “Other ads”. I did not hesitate to turn it on, and the spam disappeared. Believe it or not, I don’t get any more calls that I don’t expect.

You won’t even know which calls Yandex blocked

I liked very much that the calls that Yandex identified as unwanted and blocked do not remain in the list of missed calls. They don’t get into the Phone app at all, so you won’t even know that the blocker didn’t allow someone to have an audience with the august person. This is great. Because, as far as I remember, things are arranged a little differently on Android. There, for some reason, calls remain in the missed list and annoy the user with their presence, making it difficult to find really important calls.

Yandex warns that activating the Other Advertising filter may block useful calls from numbers that are used, among other things, for advertising. To be honest, I don’t know how serious this problem is. I hate calls from unfamiliar numbers, and important questions – whether it be banks or the support of any companies – I prefer to solve in chat. As a last resort, I’ll call you personally. However, just the other day, the IKEA service department phoned me without any problems to agree on a return. So I conclude that conscientious subscribers, whose call I am waiting for, are not blocked.

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