How to see archived chats in your WhatsApp account – Effective method

WhatsApp is the largest and most downloaded messaging platform in the world. It contains a range of services and tools with an excellent interface that put it at the top of the apps.

Either in the Android Play Store or in the Apple App Store, video calls stand out, for example. In the same way, you can send documents, Word files, PDFs, voice notes , interact in groups. In short, all together make it one of the most downloadable in the world and this article will show how to see the chats archived in your WhatsApp account .

How to See Archived Chats in your WhatsApp Account – Effective Method

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  1. Where is the archived conversations folder located on your devices?
  2. What steps must be followed to retrieve and view archived conversations in WhatsApp?
    1. From Android
    2. Con iOS
    3. And WhatsApp Web
  3. Why can’t you retrieve or view archived conversations on WhatsApp?

Where is the archived conversations folder located on your devices?

In some cases it may be necessary to open the location of your WhatsApp conversations folder. This is very useful in case you need to make a backup of your conversations. This process applies to the two official versions of WhatsApp, the personal version and also the business version, in this case the  WhatsApp Business Application .

As is well known, the chats and conversations derived from this app are very well protected. Through end-to-end encryption or encapsulation where only the interlocutors can handle their conversations. This is an excellent advantage of this platform whose owner is the popular and controversial Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Enter the file explorer of your mobile device.
  • Enter the Storage ‘ section.
  • Enter the ‘Android ‘ option or folder .
  • Then go to the option or folder named ‘Media ‘.
  • This is where the ‘WhatsApp’ folder is locatedwhere everything related to WhatsApp, images, videos and of course chats and conversations are stored.

What steps must be followed to retrieve and view archived conversations in WhatsApp?

You must follow a few simple steps to be able to recover or view the conversations of your chats, both on Android and iOS. we will explain it to you below.

From Android

  • Enter the WhatsApp application.
  • If you want a conversation to be archived you must keep that chat pressed.
  • An icon with the three dots will be displayed at the top.
  • There the options menu will be displayed and you will see the option ‘Archive chat , just select it. And ready! The chat will be archived.
  • This is where the conversation is saved or stored.

Con iOS

  • Then with the slider slide the chat so you can see a menu of options.
  • You must choose the ‘Archive’ option.
  • To check where this chat was stored, you must go to the option at the top and click on ‘Archived chats’.
  • Once inside you can delete the conversations, if you wish.
  • Just swipe to the left and click on the ‘Delete’ tab.
  • If you want to see it again (archived conversations)you must go down or scroll to the bottom of all chats and the ‘archived’ section will be there
  • Press again on that conversation or chat and if you want to delete it, press the descriptive icon of the trash can.

And WhatsApp Web

If you are using WhatsApp web for PC and want to recover the conversations that you have archived, you must follow these simple steps:

  • To find the‘Archived’ option from your computer or laptop, check in the left column and click on the option with the three dots.
  • To deactivate the archived conversation, you must touch the arrow icon on the right side.
  • To see the conversation itself, you must then click on this chat.

Why can’t you retrieve or view archived conversations on WhatsApp?

If you are stressed because you deleted a conversation on WhatsApp that you did not want and you want to have it back. There are two easy methods to recover deleted conversations.

  • Go to the three dots at the top of WhatsApp.
  • Go to the Settings  option and then go to the  Chats ‘ option .
  • Once inside this tab, click on Backup  , it is there where the last backup or copy that WhatsApp made on your mobile is displayed.
  • A backup date and time will appear, if you knew you still had the conversation saved before that date.
  • If so, you need to uninstall WhatsApp, then go to Android Google Play Storeor iOS APP Store and install WhatsApp again.
  • When installing it, WhatsApp will ask you if you want to recover the messages or chats in a specific backup.
  • A message will appear describing ‘Do you have a backup, doyou want to restore that copy?’
  • You must click on ‘Yes’ because there lie the deleted conversations, and that’s it, you should already have the deleted chats in your WhatsApp account

These are all the methods available to recover your archived or deleted messages from the WhatsApp app on your mobile phone. Remember to always keep your app updated to ensure that all methods work correctly.


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