How to delete an archived WhatsApp chat from my iPhone?

There are times when we have chats that get in the way on our phone, since we cannot keep the start of the chat section in our WhatsApp tidy. One way we can hide these chats that we don’t use is with the chat archive.

This is an option that will help you hide and organize chats , but you can also delete chats from this archive section. Therefore, we are going to tell you how you will be able to do it.

How to delete an archived WHATSAPP chat from my IPHONE?

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  1. Where are archived WhatsApp chats located on iPhone?
  2. What are the steps to follow to delete an archived WhatsApp chat on iPhone?
  3. How to know if the archived chat was deleted correctly in WhatsApp?
  4. Why can’t I effectively delete an archived chat on WhatsApp and what to do?
    1. Network problems
    2. Restart the WhatsApp application

Where are archived WhatsApp chats located on iPhone?

One of the things that makes a messaging application one of the best is the ability to keep it organized in the best way. This is one of the things that characterizes the WhatsApp application and is that you can use the ‘Archive chats’ function to better organize the chats that you don’t use so often.

At the same time, this allows you to hide them from the main view of chats, but there are some things you should know about this function, and that is that when you archive a chat, it will not be deleted from the application and backup copies will not be made in your iCloud . Also, when you receive a new message in one of the chats that you have archived, it will be unarchived, and to put it back in this section you will have to follow the same process.


If you want to see the chats you have archived, you will have to do this. Open the WhatsApp application and at the top of that screen you will see the writing of ‘Archived chats’ in green. By touching it, you will enter the archived chats section and you will see each of the archived chats.

What are the steps to follow to delete an archived WhatsApp chat on iPhone?

There are times when we no longer want to have an archived chat. For this reason, it is necessary to know how to remove it. This is very easy, since you will have to follow the same steps that you follow when you delete a chat that is not archived.

To delete a chat that is in this section you are going to do the following, enter the archived chats and look for the chat you want to delete. Then, hold it down for a few seconds until you see a series of options on the screen. There you are going to touch the trash can and then you are going to click on ‘OK’. In this way, the chat will be permanently deleted from your WhatsApp.

How to know if the archived chat was deleted correctly in WhatsApp?

You may want to make sure that this archived chat is completely removed from your WhatsApp. Therefore, it is necessary that you make sure by manually searching for the chat with this person or group.


To see if it was deleted, go to the archived chats section. If you see that it is not in this section, you will have to go to the chat section. There will be the green new conversation button that is almost in the lower right corner. By pressing it, you will touch the magnifying glass icon that is in the upper part. There you will write the name of the person and then you will enter the chat and make sure that it was deleted.

Why can’t I effectively delete an archived chat on WhatsApp and what to do?

There are times that a chat that we try to delete is not deleted. This is a failure that the phone or the WhatsApp application can present. Therefore, you are going to have to solve it easily and quickly in these two ways.

Network problems

One of the reasons why a chat is not deleted from the WhatsApp application is because your phone does not have a good internet connection. This is because there are times when certain chats are directly connected to the WhatsApp servers and having a bad connection, you cannot delete this chat.

For this reason, we recommend that you take your iPhone and turn the WiFi of the device off and on or if you are using it with mobile data, make sure that you have a balance on your line, or activate the airplane mode for a few minutes and then turn it off. After that, you can try again to delete this chat which is archived on WhatsApp.

Restart the WhatsApp application

Another thing that you can do in case this chat has not been removed from your application is that the application does not start correctly. Therefore, you will have to close the app that is in the background and start the WhatsApp application again. In this way you will be able to try to delete this chat again.


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