What features does the iPhone 13 not have?

If anyone still remembers, before the iPhone 13 was officially launched last September. There are many rumors about the features that will be available on the iPhone 13. But in the end Those features have not yet been released on the iPhone 13. Let’s take a closer look. What features does the iPhone 13 not have?

  1. Touch ID system on screen

Touch ID, the fingerprint scanning system that used to be on the iPhone, has been removed since the launch of the iPhone X and replaced with a facial recognition system or Face ID, which was before the iPhone 13 was launched. There have been rumors that there will be at least one iPhone 13 model that comes with a Touch ID system that scans the fingerprint on the screen. which is a feature already available on flagship Android phones, but in the end The feature hasn’t been released yet as Apple takes time to develop it to make it work its best, and it’s expected to be available soon.



  1. Always-On Display

In fact, the Always-On Display feature isn’t new to Apple products because it’s already available on the Apple Watch, but on the iPhone, no model has the Always-On Display feature, including the recently launched iPhone 13. together But what has been added before is a ProMotion screen that supports a refresh rate of 120Hz on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.


  1. USB-C port

All iPhone 13 models still come with a Lightning port amid rumors that the iPhone might switch to USB-C soon, but there are also rumors that Apple disagrees with the EU mandate. to electronic equipment manufacturers Switching to a standard USB-C port, Apple sees that replacing every Apple product with a USB-C port will increase e-waste because there will be a lot of Lightning cables being discarded.


  1. Star shooting mode (Astrophotography Mode)

Before the iPhone 13 was launched, there were rumors that New features will be introduced. Astrophotography Mode or star shooting mode, which Pixel 4 is the first smartphone to launch this shooting mode. But in the end, the iPhone 13 does not have such a mode. But focusing on video shooting like Cinematic Mode instead


  1. Connect to satellite

There have been rumors that the iPhone 13 will be able to connect to satellites. For use in an emergency where there is no phone signal in the area, but in the end, there is no such feature. but believed In the future, there may be a chance to use them together.


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