TIMBox does not work or does not connect: the solutions

Among the various video on-demand services available in Italy, one that in recent months has been receiving numerous acclaim is TIMVision . The service of the famous telecommunications brand, unlike other streaming services such as Netflix or PrimeVideo, in order to function also uses special physical components such as the decoder and remote control. The TIM decoder integrates Android TV inside and allows you to see the entire Serie A and Champions League as well as allowing you to view the content offered by the various dedicated platforms such as Disney +, Infinity and Infinity +, DAZN, and many others.

Like all other services of this kind, it can often happen that TIMBox (this is the name of the TIM decoder) does not work or does not connect to the network. To overcome these problems in this article we have collected some solutions for you.

Content index

  1. Check the Wi-Fi signal
  2. Check the correct insertion of the cables
  3. TIMVISION error codes
  4. Reset the decoder
  5. Contact Support

Check the Wi-Fi signal

One of the possible reasons why the TIMBox does not work may be the absence of a network. For this reason, a first check to do is to check the Wi-Fi signal . If the decoder is connected to the home Wi-Fi network, carry out the following checks:

  • move the decoder closer to the modem;
  • turn off any other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

At this point try again to see the previously chosen content.

Check the correct insertion of the cables

Although it may seem trivial, in some cases the problems that have arisen are the children of badly connected cables, so what you have to do is check that they are connected correctly.

The cables to be checked are the antenna cables and the Ethernet cable is inserted correctly. In the case of the antenna cable, the latter must be inserted into the input called Antenna IN on the back of the TIMBox. As for the Ethernet cable, you will have to check both ends of the cable so that they are connected correctly both behind the modem and in the appropriate input located behind the decoder.

TIMVISION error codes

When TIMVISION has problems , error codes appear on the screen ; each code leads back to a specific problem. Below you will find the list with the most frequent errors and possible solutions:

  • 10001,10002,10005 : Content not accessible or Channel not supported. Solution: make sure that the Internet connection is up and running;
  • 10006 : Temporarily not available. Solution: verify that the content has been purchased and try again to watch the same content;
  • 10007, 10008, 11000 : Service not available, Channel not supported, Channel not available or not supported. Solution: try watching again or select another content;
  • 10009, 01001, 11001 : An error has occurred. It is necessary to restart the decoder;
  • 10010 : Insufficient bandwidth for correct content playback. Solution: Perform a speed test on your line and check the strength of the Wi-Fi signal.

Reset the decoder

Once the necessary cables and network checks have been carried out, if the problem persists, a reset of the decoder may be useful . To do this you will need to perform the following steps:

  • go to the main menu of the decoder and press the Settings item ;
  • once this is done, you will have to select the Memory and restore item ;
  • at this point choose the Factory data reset item , press the Ok button and confirm the choice made by clicking on the Delete all item .

Contact Support

In case even the reset has not solved the problem, then what you will need to do is contact the Support . To get in touch with TIM technicians, the number to call is 187 . If the service also confirms the fault, then you can take advantage of the free replacement by taking the old decoder to a service center. Finally, it should be remembered that TIM decoders are covered by a 48-month warranty .

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