6 new features on iOS 15 that iOS 14 doesn’t have

Although iOS 15 was officially launched last June. But the version released for now is still a developer beta. Including the Public Beta version for general users, which is still a test version overall. Initially, iOS 15 is expected to be released to general users around September.By iOS 15, the main thing is to focus on increasing the efficiency of use. and add a few new features Let’s take a closer look at the 5 features on iOS 15 that iOS 14 doesn’t have.

  1. You don’t need an iPhone to use FaceTime.


FaceTime is normally limited to Apple devices, but on iOS 15, FaceTime is now cross-platform compatible on both Android and Windows by creating a link and sending it to other users either via email or text message. Just click the link to attach it. I was able to access FaceTime right away.


  1. Live Text, a feature that converts handwriting into letters

At the launch of iOS 15 in June, Apple introduced one very interesting feature, Live Text, which converts text in images or handwriting into text that can be further searched for information. or if it is a phone number will copy that number and press call which this feature uses AI to help in processing


  1. Focus mode

Focus is a new feature on iOS 15 that iOS 14 doesn’t have. That users can choose what to focus on, which is to manage notifications from people or from applications that we want at that time. Or to put it simply, it is a setting that is suitable for the user’s use.


  1. Notifications are better than ever.

For the new notification system on iOS 15, it is designed to be more detailed, whether it is a larger notification icon size, preview images, sort notifications by priority. It displays the notifications that are most likely to be the most interesting to users at the top. And you can temporarily turn off notifications for any app or conversation topic during the next hour or throughout the day.


  1. Spotlight Search Gets Smarter

The Spotlight search feature isn’t new on iOS 15, but it’s smarter than ever. It works with the Live Text feature that allows Spotlight to find text and handwriting in images. You can also search for images on the web. and display the results in a new way with interesting information for actors, musicians, TV shows and movies.


  1. SharePlay feature

SharePlay is a feature that allows users to share music from Apple Music, TV shows or movies from Apple TV to the other end of the line so that they can watch different content at the same time, and the other end of the line can control various functions such as pause music, You can also skip to the next song.


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