5 free alternatives to Google Photos in 2022

Do you need more space to store your photos? We show you 5 alternatives to Google Photos for free in 2021 so you can choose the one that suits what you need.

Since last June, the photos that we store in Google Photos occupy part of the free space that we have available in Google Drive. Something that has been very annoying for some users, who needed that space for other things. Luckily, there are other options. And that is why in this post we are going to present you 5 alternatives to Google Photos for free in 2021 that you can use from now on:

  • OneDrive :Microsoft has its own service for storing images in the cloud. For free, you will have 5GB in which you can not only store images, but also files in the cloud of all kinds. If you need more you can find payment plans from 2 euros. There are even plans that include the use of Office 365 in addition to space, which is especially interesting for many.
  • Mega :Mega offers one of the most interesting cloud services. And it is that in your free account you can store up to 15GB, almost triple than the previous one. If you configure the camera folder to be backed up, the end result will be pretty much the same as in Google Photos.
  • Amazon Photos :This service offers unlimited storage without the need to make any additional payment for those users who have an Amazon Prime account.
  • Dubox :This option is less known than the previous ones, but very interesting, since it offers up to 1TB of totally free storage. Its main problem is that you can make backup copies of your photos, but you will find more difficulties with the videos.
  • Mediafire :MediaFire is another cloud file storage service that includes automatic photo syncing just like Google Photos. In this case, it offers us 12GB of free storage. The application is a bit basic, but it more than fulfills what is asked of it.


If you wonder how to use Google Photos for free , you have 15GB shared between Google Photos and Google Drive. This means that if the sum of all the files you have saved between the photo storage service and the cloud file service, you will not have to pay anything. Only in the case that you want to save files that in total weigh more than 15GB will you have to hire a payment plan.

Google Photos is usually pre-installed on most Android phones. You will only have to enter the application and configure the folders that you want to be uploaded to the cloud automatically. From that moment on, you will have a free cloud copy of your photos if you do not exceed 15GB.


If you wonder how much free space I can have in Google Photos , in principle the answer would be 15GB. But keep in mind that those 15GB are not only for the photo storage service, but for all the cloud services that are part of our Google account.

Thus, the 15GB are shared between Google Photos, Google Drive and Gmail mail . If you add more than 15GB between the three services, you will have to look for alternatives or hire a payment plan.


If, despite knowing some alternatives, you have decided to continue in Google Photos, you probably want to learn how to make the most of the application. For this reason, we recommend some of the articles that we have published on the subject, in which you can find interesting tricks:

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