Why does the Clock app on my iPhone snooze at 9 minutes instead of 10?

Who uses the Clock app on their iPhone to set an alarm in the morning? No one has ever pressed the snooze or snooze button to ask for a little more sleep. But have you ever noticed that? Every time you select Snooze, the next time the alarm sounds again, it will be 9 minutes in the next 9 minutes. Why did Apple choose 9 minutes, not 10? This article has found the answer.

Why snooze at 9 minutes?

in fact The idea of ​​snooze at 9 minutes isn’t an Apple idea, nor is it a new idea. Because the concept has been around for more than 60 years, the Snooze button was first introduced in 1956 on an analog watch. which the snooze function Watchmakers need to add cogs to it. the purpose is I intended to snooze at 10 minutes, but I couldn’t get the 10 minute snooze properly. So choose the closest time, which is 9 minutes.

Science explains why 9 minutes is the best time to snooze. because if longer Even after just 1 minute of extra time, our body will go into deep sleep again. making it harder to wake up than before.

snooze How does it affect the health of the body?

Actually, hitting the snooze button every morning It’s not a good result. Because it will interfere and confuse the life clock system. Some people may think that sleeping for another 9 minutes will make them feel less tired. But in fact, it may create even more exhaustion.Simply put, after pressing the snooze button, your body is ready to go back to sleep. That’s why we feel more exhausted than waking up immediately without going back to sleep after an alarm clock.

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