How to know if LINE has been blocked

For social networking applications like LINE, it is considered an app. Which is the most popular in Thailand with many features to use In addition to interactive typing You can also make or use video calls as well. But how do we know that List of LINE friends Who has blocked our LINE? Here are 5 ways to check who has blocked our LINE ?

  1. Try sending a message to someone you think might block LINE.

As we know that Blocked users won’t be able to send messages to the blocked person, so try sending a message to that person. If an icon appears that reads, that means. not yet blocked But if the message has been sent and it hasn’t been read even though it’s been several days. to assume that We have already been blocked by the other side. But this method may not be able to verify 100% because perhaps the contact side may not have blocked us. Just didn’t click to read the message.

  1. Check the profiles of the people who are likely to be blocked.

In case we can’t see posts or messages on the Timeline page of someone who thinks they should block LINE even though they were able to see normally before. Let’s assume that LINE has been blocked. The easy way is to tap on the friend’s name and select Post. If the page is blank. It means that your friend has already blocked LINE.

  1. Try to send a theme

Another easy way to check is to try sending a theme to someone you believe might block us. by sending a gift theme If there is a message that says The recipient already has this theme. There is a possibility that the person may have blocked our LINE, but if not blocked. There will be a prompt prompting us to confirm the purchase of the theme.


  1. Try to buy a sticker and send it as a gift.

This method is similar to buying a wholesale theme. but changed to a sticker instead When you press buy and choose the name of the person you think should block LINE if it says Can’t send because recipient already has this sticker. It means that we are blocked by the other side as well.


  1. Try calling via LINE.

The easiest way is to make a LINE call, either an audio or video call. If you call and call again call every hour But the interlocutor still didn’t answer the call. and did not call back I guessed that before. We have been blocked


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