How much RAM does each iPhone have?

As usual with the release of new i Phones each year, what Apple never said at the launch event is how much RAM memory the iPhone has. Which will have to run Benchmark to test it yourself, but this article has already found the answer.

What does the RAM on the iPhone do?

When the application is opened These processes are stored and managed through RAM, and the iOS system keeps them running in RAM in the background to give users faster access to the most recently used apps.

But since the RAM is limited, the iOS system needs to clear old or unused processes for a long time. This frees up RAM for managing other important tasks. It’s easy to notice when we open multiple apps and go back to using them. Once again, after a period of inactivity, the iOS system will re-download the content.

How much RAM does each iPhone have?

Let’s find out that from the first iPhone to the current model like the iPhone 13 series, how much RAM does each model have?

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max | iPhone 13 Pro : 6GB
  • iPhone 13 | iPhone 13 mini : 4GB
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max | iPhone 12 Pro : 6GB
  • iPhone 12 | iPhone 12 mini : 4GB
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max | iPhone 11 Pro | iPhone 11 : 4GB
  • iPhone SE (2020) : 3GB
  • iPhone XS Max | iPhone XS : 4GB
  • iPhone XR : 3GB
  • iPhone X : 3GB
  • iPhone 8 Plus : 3GB
  • iPhone 8 : 2GB
  • iPhone 7 Plus : 3GB
  • iPhone 7 : 2GB
  • iPhone SE (first generation): 2 GB
  • iPhone 6s Plus | iPhone 6s : 2GB
  • iPhone 6 Plus | iPhone 6 : 1GB
  • iPhone 5s | iPhone 5c : 1GB
  • iPhone 5 : 1GB
  • iPhone 4s : 512MB
  • iPhone 4 : 512MB
  • iPhone 3GS : 256 MB
  • iPhone 3G : 128 MB
  • iPhone 2G : 128 MB.
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