Warface: XM8 Compact review

Guide to the XM8 Compact submachine gun in Warface: historical background, tactical characteristics, applied modules, pros and cons

Not so long ago, the XM8 Compact submachine gun, beloved by Engineer-class players, returned to the game store of the MMO-shooter Warface .

Historical reference

The XM8 Compact is one of the variations of the XM8 assault rifle, developed jointly by the American arms company Alliant Techsystems and the German company Heckler & Koch. Designed to replace the M16 and M4A1, the XM8 prototype was lighter and more reliable. In 2004, the machines underwent extensive testing by the US Armed Forces, but in 2005 the project was officially closed.

Real XM8 Compact

A double-sided fuse-translator provides firing both in bursts and in single shots. The XM8 has quick-change barrels of several sizes, depending on the desired configuration.


  • Weight: 2.59 kg.
  • Assault rifle length: 838 mm (with the stock unfolded).
  • Barrel length: 318 mm.
  • Caliber: 5.56×45 NATO
  • Rate of fire: 750 high / min.
  • Effective firing range: 350 m

XM8 Compact in game

  • Damage: 78
  • Range: 12
  • Rate of fire: 780
  • Aiming Accuracy: 30
  • Hip Accuracy: 19
  • Clip size: 30

XM8 Compact in game

You can get PP both forever and temporarily from boxes of luck for credits. This is available to players of all ranks. The XM8 Compact is a custom version only.

XM8 Compact: comparison, pros and cons

The big plus of the XM8 Compact, in contrast to other guns in this class, is the balanced characteristics of damage and rate of fire. For example, the Scorpio’s damage is 70 units at a rate of fire of 850. The PM-84 Glauberyt’s damage is 82 at a rate of fire of 750 units. With its balance of “damage – rate of fire”, the XM8 Compact is not inferior to the above mentioned PPs, moreover, in contrast to them, it has all three categories of compatible modules.

It will take a gamer only 2.3 seconds to completely use up the clip. There may not be enough ammo in the clip to kill multiple opponents. Of course, it all depends on the style of shooting, but it is better to save them.

Undoubtedly, the accuracy from the hip of the XM8 Compact is inferior to many PPs, such as the Daewoo K7 and MPA10SST, but in practice, the spread of bullets makes it possible to use the scope at medium (let alone short) distances unnecessarily. At long ranges, this weapon is ineffective. Therefore, in order to kill the enemy from a distance, you will have to sweat. The spread in the sight is not constant, shooting at several bullets, the sight rarely returns to its original position. From this we can conclude that it is not worth “pinching” in the sight.

Modules for XM8 Compact

This PP is compatible with all three categories of modules available in the game – Barrel , Forend , Sight .

” Trunk ” – all modules for combining are available in this category:

  • Lightweight muffler. When fired, it will hide your position on the radar from other players. Reduces damage.
  • Silencer for PP. Will hide your position, reduce damage and noise, but increase shooting accuracy.
  • Flame arrester for PP. Increases penetration, reduces muzzle flames and reduces damage at a distance.
  • Bayonet knife for PP. It will increase recoil, but in melee it will cause great damage to the enemy.

In the Forend category , three handles are available for alignment:

  • Lightweight arm. In addition to the prone position, it will slightly increase accuracy and reduce recoil.
  • Handle for PP. In addition to the prone position, it will increase accuracy and reduce recoil.
  • Bipod handle for PP. Reduces barrel drift when shooting from a prone position, increases accuracy and reduces recoil.

There are only five modules available in the ” Sight ” category :

  • Improved collimator sight EOTECH 533 with x1.4 magnification in the scope.
  • Collimator sight Truglo rds with x1.2 magnification in the sight.
  • Standard sight for PP with x2 magnification in the scope.
  • Improved sight for PP, increasing accuracy with x2 magnification in the scope.
  • A rare sight for PP, characterized by a fast magnification x3.

Achievements for using

You can get two badges for using the XM8 Compact:

  • Compact Assassin: Kill 10,000 enemies with the XM8 Compact
  • Compact Assassin II: Kill 25,000 enemies with the XM8 Compact


The XM8 Compact is a weapon for dynamic play and you will not regret adding it to your arsenal. High damage and minimal recoil can be attributed to the irreplaceable advantages of this submachine gun, but try to use it less often at long distances.

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