Warface – guide to the “Ruins” map

Description and features of the “Ruins” map, analysis of key positions at the level and tips for players

With the latest update in the MMO shooter Warface , a unique map “Ruins” has been added for the “Conquest” mode. The map is distinguished not only by its large size and colorful design, but also by some interesting mechanics that did not exist in PvP modes before. If you have not yet had time to get used to the “Ruins” map, then in this guide we will tell you all the chips and secrets of this location, as well as give some tips for achieving victory.

Description and features of the map “Ruins”

The Ruins map was designed specifically for the Conquest mode. In this mode, players are divided into two teams of eight. The attacking team must capture the missile launch codes that are near the defending team’s base. The latter by any means resist the enemies and do not allow the captured codes to be carried to the base. Despite the small number of currently existing maps for this mode, it is quite popular among players.

“Ruins” is a large game map that consists of several large sections, narrow passages and points of interaction with electronic doors, as well as a trap activator. Oddly enough, this map lacks points for joint actions, the so-called “pods”.

On the Ruins map, you will surely notice some interesting mechanics. The first mechanic is not new to Warface, as it is actively used on maps of other modes: it is the activation of doors using special consoles (designated on the map as “Interactive Objects”).

The first console is at the base of the defending team. When activated, the door to the base will close, but at the same time another door will open, which leads to the base of the attacking team. At the second door, you will also find another console that is linked to the first console. It is noteworthy that both consoles can only be used from the side of the defenders’ base.

If it so happened that the enemies locked you on their own base (defenders), then you can get out of here in another way. In the far left corner of the base (relative to the map) there is a wall that you can interact with and place explosives to detonate it. Thus, until the end of the round, the passage to your base from the right side of the location will be open.

There is an electronic door in the lower left part of the location. From the start of the round, this door is open, but members of the defending team can lock it using a special console located nearby. It will close until one of your comrades or opponents activates the console again.

There is a building in the center of the map, which is a large trap. The building has two entrances from the attacking and defending teams, as well as one interactive object with which you can activate the trap.

During the activation of the trap, all passages are closed with bars, and everyone who did not have time to leave the building perishes. Trap activation can be seen from the closing bars. As soon as the grates shake and begin to sink to the ground, you should immediately leave the building. In this case, it is advisable to use a slide under the grates, as they can close quite quickly.

Key positions from the attacking team

If you like to kill enemies at long range and often play the Sniper class, then you definitely need to use several key positions from the side of the attacking team.

The first position is at the entrance to the central building. Already on the steps, without even going inside the building, you can kill several enemies at once, who at that moment run out from their base and are distributed among positions. It is from this position that you can kill one or several enemies at once with one shot, since the enemies will often just follow each other.

The second key sniper position is in the upper right corner of the map. From here you can observe the upper entrance to the defenders’ base. Do not relax, as enemy snipers will most likely try to take this position before you.

Another interesting position is in the lower left side of the map, where the open door is located (but which members of the defending team can close). If you manage to get to the door and storm this area, you will win a big advantage. Especially if the wall on the left, which leads directly to the base of the defenders, will be open by this time.

Key positions from the defending team

The largest number of interactive objects are located precisely on the side of the defending team. Thus, players can adjust the pace of the game themselves by opening and closing passages for their enemies.

First of all, we advise you to block the default open door in the lower left part of the map. In this case, the enemies will have to use other paths and passages to your base and you will be sure that this part of the location is protected.

Also, do not blow up the wall at your base for no apparent reason, as this can play into the hands of enemy fighters. Especially if you did not have time to block the door using the console.

Directly in front of the start codes is a locked door that can be opened using the console. We talked about it above. With its help, you can get into a small alley that leads to another locked gate and to the entrance to the central building. The gate can only be opened from one side, but members of the attacking team can also take advantage of this. This can only happen if one of the attacking fighters has time to cross the central building and activate the lever.

Snipers can try to eliminate multiple enemies from right on the launch codes. From here you can see the central building, as well as the main entrance from the side of the attacking team. But be careful, as enemy snipers may already be waiting for you on the opposite side.


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