Walkthrough Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Battle for Talmberg)

Detailed walkthrough of story missions in Talmberg in the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance

On a hot frying pan

In this task, you just need to clear the courtyard of the Talmberg castle from enemies. Kill all the enemies and the cutscene will start, which ends the quest.

Note. After this quest, you will no longer be able to complete side quests in Talmberg, including Hunting the Hare and Lamb in Wolf’s Skin.

Night outing

Prepare for a night out. Be careful, because here you will not have to fight enemies openly, so lay out all unnecessary and bulky armor. Leave the black light robe from what you have – take off the rest and put it in a box (or on a horse) located under a canopy to the right of the hut where Borek Talmberg is resting.

Talk to him and confirm your readiness. Approach the wall and wait for the opportunity to go upstairs. Do so. Next, you will need to kill two sentries, but be careful – here you will need the skill of stealthy murder (in the “Stealth” branch).

But that’s not all – don’t kill the nearest enemy first. First, deal with the one inside the building. Be careful as he periodically turns around and approaches the first one. So there is a greater chance that the first enemy will not hear you, because if you kill him first, then the distant one in 9 out of 10 cases will turn around and raise the alarm (this will lead to the failure of the task).

Follow Ptachek further. Wait until the guard goes in the opposite direction from you, and then sneak up behind and kill. Visit the hostages and chat with them. Next, you will need to decide what to do next – to save only the hostages or insist that you need to try to save Pan Radzig and Stephanie. If you insist on your own, then the enemies will hear you and you will have to retreat.

In this part of the quest, everything is very difficult – for some reason, you immediately find yourself surrounded by several opponents. Try to hold Shift and grab Pan Ptachek, and then follow along with him in your arms to the established stairs, along which you climbed here. As soon as you are near her, the quest will end.


Talk to Borek Talmberg and learn about the need to help several people in the camp. Chat with Tobiash Feyfar, ask about the construction of the trebuchet and find out about the person who needs to be kidnapped. Agree to help. So the parallel story quest “The Rocketman” will begin.

Go down to the camp below and chat with Captenarmus. He will ask you to bring 30 pieces of any meat to the camp. You should also look for beer in nearby taverns. Any innkeeper has meat, you need to spend about 90 groschen, which Captenarmus will return to you immediately, as soon as you give him 30 pieces of any meat. Do so. It’s more difficult with beer. The innkeeper in Uzice will refuse to supply the barrels, since he has practically run out of drink. The same is true in all the marked taverns with the exception of “On the meadow”. Go there, chat with Ondřej and convince him with eloquence or force that he should deliver beer to Talmberg.

Talk to the Centurion Bernard. He wants you to find some herbalist who can brew a sleep-stopping drug. After the detour, none of the herbalists agreed to brew the drug, but everyone was ready to tell the correct recipe.

Chat with Pan Divish. He asks to find a priest who will agree to go to Talmberg. Father Bogut from Uzice will easily agree to become this priest if you helped him with several additional tasks. For the fact that you convince him, pennies will be credited – x90.

Next, head to the nearby forest and talk to the senior charcoal burner to find out where the tar can be found. Return to Captenarmus immediately and report back that you have found tar. He will send people and reward you with pennies (x90).

You will also need a healer for the wounded and sick – look for him in the Sazava monastery. If you helped in additional quests, then feel free to contact your brother Nikodim – he will not refuse.


You need to find a certain Konrad Keyser, located in the Sazava monastery. Follow there and chat with the locals. Brother Nicodemus helped me, who immediately pointed out the location of the house where the right person was staying. Go to the house and talk to the guard Urban. Convince him that you must go inside by calling the name of Tobiash Feifer. Urban will give the key – come in.

Konrad lives here

Chat with Konrad and find out that he cannot leave this place. There are several options – to make Karel run out of pennies, or to steal the order signed by the abbot, which is in the possession of the same Karel. For now, I will describe one of the options – visit Karel’s house, steal the key from the chests from his pockets, or pump a skill that increases the hacking when drunk, since you will need to crack a chest with a very complex lock. Go up to the second floor of his house and break open the chest under the window (or open with the key). Inside it lies a surety for Konrad.

This is what the order for Karel looks like

Go back to Konrad and show the surety. He will direct you to the clerk in Sazava. Move there without stopping, as Karel may notice that the original document is missing. Talk to the clerk, choose any phrase, since Konrad made fun of you anyway. The clerk will say that you should return to him in an hour. Rewind the time and look at the clerk again.

Take the documents and download back to the monastery. Go to Karel’s house, go upstairs and interact with the chest from which you pulled out the guarantee. Switch to the tab of your “bag” and move from it the original – the guarantee from Karel. Go to Karel and show your vacation permit. Follow Karel until he is convinced that the guarantee is in place. Talk to him and get permission.

Go back to Konrad, but this time he will tell you that a certain Peychar is watching him. Ask the bricklayers at the construction site for him and some of them will say that the merchant Peychar stopped at an inn. Follow to the inn between the monastery and Sazava, talk to the innkeeper and use eloquence (about eight or nine units) to find out why he is here. Go inside the tavern and talk directly to Peychar on all topics. Indro will not seem suspicious.

Return to Konrad and tell him that Peychar is not up to anything at first glance. One way or another, you will have to guard the entrance to Konrad’s house at night. Rewind the time to 24:00 and wait outside the house. On the first night among the trees ahead, you will notice the silhouette of a man. Walk up and identify the famous charlatan. He collects some objects of no value, and does not even approach Konrad’s house.

Meeting a charlatan at night

Due to the noise during the conversation, the ambush will fail, you will have to wait for the next night. Do so – wait for Peychar to appear and talk to him. It turns out that he had some business with the local trustee, and he did not even know that Konrad lived in the same house. Report this to Konrad and he will agree to go to Talmberg.

It is noteworthy that Peychar will follow you to the camp, where the guards will kill him. Report everything to Tobiash Feyfar. After that, you will need to wait a few days for the moment when the construction of the trebuchet is completed. This will take two days – rewind the time and sleep in any free bed (couch). As soon as the time comes, if you are in place, the rewind will stop and you will be informed about the completion of work on the trebuchet.


Get ready, listen to Pan Divish’s plan and move to the marker that appears. Upon arrival, a cut-scene will start. Defeating this group of enemies will not be difficult – just do not ask for trouble, but do not stand aside, doing nothing. Win one more battle and watch the cut-scene. Borek will appear and say that the enemy wants to break the trebuchet.



All that is required of you is to return to the camp as soon as possible and kill several dozen bandits. Proceed as usual. Next, look into the tent and interrogate Thoth – you will need at least 15 units of eloquence for him to successfully answer all questions. Watch several lengthy videos.

I must keep my word

Talk to Divish as soon as you are ready to storm the fortress. He will give you the opportunity to fire the first trebuchet. Agree – wait for two guards to pull an arrow, and then one of them will install a stone. After that, pull the lever near Borek Talmberg. Talk to Borek to begin the assault.

Now you have to rewind the time and sleep so that three days have passed () this time is allotted for shelling the fortress). Refresh yourself from time to time in a cauldron located on the street. Do not forget that if you do not rotate the camera, but constantly press the E key, then you can eat food as many times as you want. By the way, Pan Borek will be waiting for you a little earlier – in a couple of days. After talking with him, proceed to storm the fortress.

Follow the walls, but do not rush to go up first. Move only after allies. Go through the entire fortress, killing enemy soldiers, until the cut-scene starts. Download to meet your father, and then watch the cut-scene. An outrageous passage of the game.


You just have to complete the simple actions of the prologue, and to see the final video – join the squad of Jan Ptachek (before that, complete various side quests or freely travel around the world map).

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