Kingdom Come: Deliverance Walkthrough (Sazava and Monastery Side Quests)

Completing side quests in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which can be taken in Sazava, the monastery and the surrounding area

Main plot

  • Prologue – Skalitsa
  • Subject quests in Ratai
  • Redhead between two fires
  • Inscrutable ways
  • On the trail
  • My buddy Peto
  • Snake’s nest
  • Questions and answers
  • All that glitters
  • If he is too tough for you
  • Poverty, chastity and obedience
  • Monastery and Vranik
  • Battle of Talmberg

Side quests

  • Ratae side quests
  • Side quests of Sazava and the monastery
  • Ledechko side quests
  • Talmberg side quests
  • Side quests Uzice
  • Merhoeda side quests
  • Other side quests
  • Side quests of the Sazava Monastery

In the hands of God

Travel to Sazava and look for a monastery at the top of the map. On its territory you will meet a girl you know, Johanka from Skalitsa. She will report that disgusting conditions have been created for the sick and will ask for help. You will have to help the wounded people and, if you wish, complete two additional goals – find a way to improve the hospital and collect game meat from the hunt (10 pieces).

Location of the monastery

Go inside the monastery where the sick are. Examine them all. You will have to help the following people:

  • Find a remedy that will help a person suffering from insomnia.
  • Find out what happened to Philip.
  • Help a man with a broken leg.
  • Get the healing herbs for Peter.
  • Find bandages for Jan – 10 pieces.

The first thing you should do is chat with Johanka (during daylight hours). She will tell you where to look for herbs for Peter and what happened to Philip. In addition, you will learn from her why it is bad for a person with a broken leg. Suggest your candidacy for a chiropractor or say that an executioner who lives near Ratae can fix the bone. But in order not to run, it is better to do it yourself. Enter the hospital and interact with the man with a broken leg.

Sebastian, local ruler

Brother Nikodim is in the next room. Talk to him and take the additional task “Herbalist”. In his garden, you will need to collect weeds, but leave good herbs. Be careful! Remove the thistles and nettles, but do not touch anything else.

Either way, ask him to teach you alchemy. Choose “Beginner” and pay 60 pennies. You can now use the alchemy table (you may have learned this earlier). You need a table in order to prepare sleeping pills for a person suffering from insomnia. Interact with the table, turn right and look at the recipe book. Find a lullaby. Perhaps the translation will be clumsy, so here is a recipe for you – poppy, raven eye, thistle and butter. All one unit at a time.

On the shelf on the left are four jugs, one of them contains oil. Pour it into a pot, start lighting up the furs. To bring the oil to a boil, you need to interact with the furs several times. Open the bag (key I) and select the desired ingredients – poppy, raven eye and thistle. If you do not have them, then buy from that very brother Nicodemus or assemble it yourself.

After selecting them, press Esc and the bags will remain on the shelf. Add poppy seeds to the cauldron and light the furs. As soon as the oil starts to boil, then press F to turn the hourglass. When all the sand has spilled out, add the thistle to the cauldron and re-ignite the furs. Turn the clock. As soon as the sand spills out, do nothing – wait for it to cool.

The fire has gone out, the oil has cooled down – add the raven eye there. Next, take the bottle on the shelf on the left, under the oil. It will somehow be signed as “Drink the potion”, but in fact you can use it on the pot and collect the potion. If everything is done correctly, an inscription will appear on the screen stating that you have prepared a lullaby. Otherwise, it will be written that the recipe failed.

Take the potion and give it to the person with insomnia.

As for Peter, he needs a grass with purple flowers. At the same time, he has fallen down and is in pain. Look at the book on the alchemy table and switch to the herbs section (Q). Find the right grass – you are interested in comfrey. Either collect it yourself, or find a herbalist in the garden (brother Nikodim, who will give you this quest). Give the herb to Peter.

Look for bandages from merchants or in chests – everything is simple.

As for sponsoring the hospital, talk to Brother Nicodemus about it. Stop by your local caregiver and talk to him. If you fail to convince, you will have to pay about 130 grosz (depending on the ability to bargain).

In order to help Philip, you need to find Father Simon. Follow the marker to Rivne, not far from Skalitsa. Chat with the peasant in the hut. This will take you to the “Servant of the Church” quest, which runs parallel to the “Find Simon” goal.

Move to the next location, chat with the peasants to find out what happened between Simon and their daughter. Go to the cross. You will find fresh flowers here.

Fresh flowers on the grave

You will need to find Father Simon, who may be nearby. There is a stream to the left. Walk along its mouth, up, and you will see the vagrants who captured Simon’s father. If you can persuade them, then everything will end without a fight. You can also pay the ransom or beat the kidnappers.

Chat with Simon and find out how to help Philip. He will say that you need to prepare a decoction of wormwood. Return to the peasant in Rivne and report that the priest will return. This will complete the “Minister of the Church” side quest.

IMPORTANT ! In the game, there is no such thing as a wormwood decoction. Instead, you need to get hold of Artemsia Tincture. Most herbalists have it. For example, you can buy it from a pharmacist in Ratai. Give the potion to Philip and wait a couple of days for it to work.

As for meat, it is absolutely not necessary that it was game, and even more so that you kill animals. Go to a nearby town and buy 10 sausages (the cheapest) from the meat vendor. Return and give them to Yohanka to complete part of the quest.

Thus, in the end, you just have to wait for Philip to recover.

Lost in translation

Between Sazava and Rataye, you can find a small mill on the banks of the river. Talk to the owner or his subordinates and find out that they managed to catch the Polovtsian. Offer your help in the interrogation, but since you do not know Hungarian, the miller will send you to a neighboring village, where there should be a knowledgeable person. Move there, find the tramp marked with a marker and talk to him. Insist that he should help for free.

Agree to go back with him (if there is no horse). You will have a talk with the tramp at the mill, the interrogation will begin. Choose any phrases. After interrogation, you learn that the Polovtsian wants to take you to some place where the treasure is buried. Do not believe it! Talk to the tramp again and use your eloquence to get the truth out of him. Ask where the money is hidden, and be sure to remember this place.

However, I will describe what the tramp says here:

“There is a hill across the river opposite Ratae. Stand on a hill facing the city. There will be a road nearby. There is an intersection on the road near a burnt tree. From there a path leads to the water. The water on the right has a hollow tree stump. There you will find your prey. “


A true friend

There are several buildings between Sazava and the monastery where you met Johanca. Two stars will appear near the resting place (tavern) – they indicate the friends of the protagonist. Chat with them to see how they are doing. They will say that they could use a job as a carpenter. You can ask around in different places, but I recommend that you immediately go back to Teresa and talk to her. Say hello from your buddies and tell them they are not doing well. She will offer to ask around at the mill in Ledechko about the work.

A marker will appear on the map. Follow it and talk to the local miller. Convince him by stating that they are his neighbors (eloquence). He will agree. Go back to your friends and tell the good news.

Dear fight

The quest can be taken from Fricek, one of the two friends of the protagonist. If Matei issues the task “True friend”, then you can ask Fricek why they owe the monastery money. Tell me that you would like to deal with this. Insist on yours. Possibly, the case will end in a fist fight, but it is not difficult to defeat the guy. Go to the monastery and chat with Brother Eliash, who walks near or inside the infirmary. Threaten him with force (the image of crossed swords) and he will agree to lag behind Matei and Fricek. Return to Fritzek and tell him that you have settled the issue with the debt. He will be grateful.

House of God

How to get it : Chat with Brother Nicodemus at the monastery near Sazava (after completing the In the Hands of God quest and a couple of days have passed).

He will inform you that during the construction of the monastery in Sazava, an accident occurred due to poor-quality stone. Talmberg’s boss fears that this could defame his name. You need to talk to the caretaker about this.


Go to the monastery where you stole the book, go up to the second floor, but enter the room closest to the stairs. You will have a talk with the caretaker, he will direct you to the master builder.

Follow the marker and chat with the man. Ask for the devil’s skull. He will indicate who needs to know about its location. You also need to inspect the accident site. Go outside and move along the fence. Go inside through the door and under the wooden stairs inspect the bloody footprints from the fallen stone. The bloodstone itself is lying a little lower. There is no need to inspect anything else here – Indro will take a shard of stone with him.

Inspect this place

Climb up from the construction site and talk to Leszek, who found the devil’s skull. He will say that he dropped it on the way to the river. Move to the indicated place, jump into the water and walk along the coast to the right of the wooden pier. Under the “visor” from the ground, you will find the very skull of the devil. Take it with you.


Go to Sazava and chat with the gravedigger marked on the map.

Local gravedigger

Find out what this skull is. Go back to the construction site and look for Leshek. He will not be here, but you can find the assistant builder Zmola. Look for a guy wearing a red suit and a feather hat.

Zmola, construction assistant

Talk to him – he will say that he agreed to meet with Leshek under the scaffolding of the monastery at night.

Skull location

Sleep and go to the indicated point after midnight. A cut-scene will start, during which an unknown man will throw a brick at you. Climb to the very top and talk to the stranger after you defeat him in battle. You don’t have to attack with your fists – draw out your weapon and land a couple of punches to speed up the end of the fight. Find out who is to blame for everything, and then decide what to do – either kill, or drive, or arrest the person.

If you arrest him, you will not make it to the mill, where you need to save Leshek from Zmola. Either way, run to the mill and kill Zmola. Whether you saved Leshek or not, search Zmola’s corpse, collect everything and run to the assistant (in the morning). Report the completion of the quest. You can also go to Talmberg and go to the local quarry. Chat with Ruophert and show him a shard of stone. As a result, you will know that a substitution has occurred.

Opening Zmola and completing the task, you will receive a decent reward – 2175 grosz.

Miracles in the presence of the customer

How to get : after you kill the Polovtsians and robbers in the “Snake’s Nest” story quest, visit Sazava and talk to the local innkeeper to point out the quest giver.

It will turn out to be a charlatan who periodically hangs out in a tavern. Chat with him and agree to become his student. He will offer to get three items – the player’s cat’s foot, Procopius’s tooth and the “top” (a pine branch that adorns the roof of the church).


First, chat with a nearby player. It stays in place, so the desired foot can simply be stolen. It is almost impossible to beat him in a fair game of dice – he constantly gets long combinations. You can buy a cat’s foot for about 130-150 coins (depending on trade).


Go to the peasant named Procopius and talk to him. Choose the first answer only if you have a good healing skill. It is best to choose a phrase with eloquence, and six or seven units will be enough. Escort Procopius to the blacksmith in Sazav. Do not leave him alone, because the guy will stop three times and suffer in doubts – you will dispel them, interacting for a conversation. As soon as you find yourself in place, a cut-scene will start, at the end of which you will receive a Procopius tooth.

Take all the items to the Charlatan and get a reward: for a tooth he will give five bandages, for a cat’s paw – a dice of the “Holy Trinity”, and for a “top” -.

In the place of the temple, where the construction scaffolds are located, climb to the very top. You climbed there as part of the “House of God” quest. At the very top, turn around and you will see a beam to which a tree branch with a ribbon is attached. Shoot the leaves on this branch (top) with a bow from the bow, so that the branch breaks off and falls down (it turns out, we are talking about one branch, and not about a whole tree tied to the top of the monastery).

Shooting the barrel and rope is useless! Go downstairs, pick up the fallen branch and take the branch to the Charlatan in Sazava. As a reward, receive three archer’s potions.

Talk to the Charlatan and ask if there will be other tasks. He will ask you to get a burial shroud, which will cover the late Lukota. You will find his dead body at the local temple (Sazavi). Go inside and talk to the citizen here. Lie about coming to say goodbye to a relative.

ATTENTION! Next, the citizen will ask you a few questions. Answers to them can be selected manually, or you can ask the locals about Lucotte. Here is the correct sequence:

  • Indicate that you lived in Vlashim.
  • When the guy asks if you knew the wife of his father (Lucota), then answer “Lucius, of course!”

He recognizes you as his brother and will allow you to say goodbye to Lucota. Search the body and steal the monk’s robe. Return to the quack and talk to him about everything. He will say that you need to transfer the cassock in the house. Get to the marked place and wait for the quest giver to appear. Pass the cassock, and then watch the cut-scene. Go outside and talk to the men. Use strength or eloquence (8 or 5 units of the corresponding parameter will be enough) to deal with them. The charlatan said that the reward is waiting for you in the chest. Return to the house and indeed you will find some useful gizmos in the chest.

Girl in trouble

How to Get : When you complete the All That Glitters story mission, you will find yourself in Sazava. When you need to find out about everything from Florian, the assistant to the engraving master, he will ask you to save Esther. Agree.

Move to the indicated place, kill three robbers or steal the key to the barn from any of them. Unlock the shed and free Esther. Agree to go back to Sazava with her (or go back yourself).


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