Kingdom Come: Deliverance Walkthrough (Monastery / Vranik)

Detailed walkthrough of story missions in the monastery and Vranik in the game Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

A needle in a haystack

Read the description of the side quests in the monastery in a separate article. During the first passage, I did not manage to find an opportunity to officially identify the Pious before killing him, and even more so to take him to Rikhtarzh in Ratai. What I’ve done? I got to the book that describes all the novices. This book is located in the second room, if you move through the door with a complex lock from the library (next to which there is a cabinet with forbidden books).

After reading the book, nothing special will come of it, except for the signature that the prior suspects Antony of something and specially sent a letter to find out about him. How to bring it to clean water is still unknown. Then, using a lockpick, I opened the chests in the bedroom where all the monks sleep. In one of them lay a blade. This chest belonged to Antony (which becomes clear if, after you find the blade, speak to him). Then I had the skill of stealthy murder – I finished off Antony in my sleep, at night. After that, ALWAYS search his corpse to find a strange dice. It is by her that the robbers identify each other.

If you don’t have a blade or a killing skill, then I recommend getting out of the monastery, finding a weapon and using it to destroy Antony.

The easiest and surest way to complete the quest, it turns out, is as follows … Having arrived at the monastery with a letter of recommendation, talk to Anthony and immediately confess to the novice that you have arrived here for the Saint. In fact, he is the Holy One, and your confession will have consequences. Next, go to complete the tasks that are indicated in the side quest “In the Monastery”. That is, you need to go about the usual activities of novices and monks.

As soon as it is time for a meal, then go to the dining room and sit down at an empty seat, where the “Eat” interaction point will be. Wait a few minutes and then get up. You will feel unwell, and a poisoning icon will appear on the interface. Wait until the supply of health points drops below half, after which Indro faints.

When you wake up, you will see Antony in front of you, who confesses that he is the Holy One. There will be an opportunity to either help the novice escape, or kill him. In the second case, everything is clear (you need to steal the blade from the chest, and I told about where to look for the master keys in the passage of the side quests of the monastery). Let’s try to escape with Antony!

In a conversation with the Saint, you will learn that he needs blood and keys to the doors. Move to the kitchen and find a note with the food order not far from the pot (restricted area). Indicate that you need blood. The blood will appear the next morning. Next, you need to find the keys to the monastery. Wait until nightfall, go to the library and break open several doors to find yourself in the chambers with the prior’s bed (bald guy). Here he will sleep. Steal the key from him, go downstairs and take Indro’s things from the chest in which you threw them off before going inside the monastery.

If you do not do this earlier, then things will become stolen. Wake up Antony and report that you got both the blood and the keys. He will say that you need to meet with him after six in the evening. The meeting point is a balcony bordering the monks’ bedroom on the second floor. By the way, the overseers do not go there, so you can safely rewind the time. It is advisable to hide your things in the chest located there. Talk to Anthony and after the cutscene run after him into the street (after taking Indro’s things). For the fact that you save Antony, outside the monastery, he will give a strange bone, which is necessary to access the camp of robbers.

On the other hand, after you kill him and take the bone, quickly leave the monastery. The task “Pick up your belongings” will appear. For some reason not clear to me, when I took things from the box in which I left them (you interacted with him to change clothes), the action was performed as theft and all things were marked “stolen”. As soon as you kill Anthony or another novice (or, perhaps, you can deliver the true Saint to Richtarzh in Ratai), the quest will be completed. A new storyline quest will begin.

Die is cast

Move to the swamps near the monastery, light a fire and talk to the bandits. There are three options – either you show them the dice, or you declare that Antony had money and give some of your pennies, or you refuse and fight with them. After killing the bandits, you will find a strange dice.

In the best scenario, the bandits will tell you about the location of the Vranik camp. Climb the mountains from Sazava and drive to the camp. Be careful, some quests will fail after that. Go inside showing the dice and then get to Eric’s house.

Meeting with Eric

After talking with him, declare that you skillfully wield a sword. Climb down to the palisade where Swordsman Vanek awaits you. Defeat him in a sword fight, and then return back to Eric and watch a video with the appearance of that very gentleman. This is how you will know the name of your enemy.

Swordsman Vanek

After the cut-scene you will be woken up by an old friend who will help you get out of the fortress. Exit your detention cell and see the first enemy. It is advisable to stun him by sneaking up from behind, and then put on armor. Then you can either go along the fence to the right, or run right through the opponents, ignoring them and moving to the right place where there is a notch in the fence. If you go to the right, then you can climb the stairs to the hill and jump over the first palisade, after killing another enemy (he has one of the best armor that can be found in the game).

Once outside the camp, be careful. If you want to keep the promise made to the savior, then follow the marker. If you think that he does not deserve anything, then just run away from the camp until the cut-scene starts.


You will have a talk with the centurion Bernard, he will give you the key to the arsenal. The arsenal is located in the lower lock, on the ground floor near the stairs. Look inside and open one of the chests. Take whatever you see as it can be sold to merchants! When you’re ready, move to Talmberg and talk to Pan Divish. Watch the cut-scene, at the end of which the battle for the Vranik camp will begin.

Proceed in the same way as usual – do not ask for trouble, hit those opponents who are distracted by other soldiers. Win at several points, after which the battle will be over. Run into the building where Eric was, and take your things from the chest on the left. On the table at which Eric was sitting, there will be a letter from Vranik – read it and find out where your enemy went.

Letter from Vranik

Return to the pan and report on the found note. Watch a lengthy cut-scene.

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