What is Vlog:Content on The Live Video

Vlog is the abbreviation of  videoblog (video + blog), a  type of blog in which the predominant content is the videos . The big difference between a vlog and a blog is even in the publication format . Instead of publishing texts and images, the vlogger or vlogueiro, makes a video about the subject that you want.

The platform, that is, the site that the netizens most use to publish their videos is YouTube. For this, the vlogger needs to create a channel on the site, which will work as a vlog for your videos. However, there are numerous other platforms designed for this “personal page” concept.

Vlog and Videocast

Vlogs are spaces for the dissemination of videos that are normally produced and published on a regular basis (once or twice a week, by standard). Videocasts are audiovisual content, produced by bloggers, web surfers or webmasters, and are produced and published sporadically.

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