What Is The Multiple Meaning Of Torjan Horse

Trojan horse is one of the main symbols of the famous Trojan war , used as strategy by the Greeks to defeat the Trojans .According to the story told in Homer’s “Iliad”, the Trojan was made of wood and completely hollow inside.The Greek warrior Odysseus would have had the idea of ​​building a giant horse and presenting the Trojans as a symbolic gesture of surrendering the war.

The Trojans accepted the “gift” and carried the horse into the walls of Troy. All the soldiers drank and celebrated the surrender of the enemy, and when they were all asleep, hundreds of Greek soldiers left the horse and attacked the city.To help destroy their enemies, the Odysseus-led warriors opened the city’s gates, enabling a total invasion of the Greeks in Troy, which was completely destroyed.

From this story came the popular expression ” present from Greek, ” when someone is referring to something that has gained, but which will not be useful or will bring problems.An example of “gift of greek” is someone who is allergic to cats to receive a birthday gift because the animal would bring more complications than benefits to the gift.

See also the meaning of the expression ” please Greeks and Trojans “.

Trojan Horse Virus

Also known as Trojan Horse , this is a type of virus that has the purpose of “opening the door” so that a hacker can infect the computer’s operating system .

The name came in allusion to the Greek tale, because the virus came hidden inside another program, as if it were harmless.Trojan horses can disrupt the navigability and good performance of your computer, as well as jeopardizing the security of your user data.To avoid or eliminate trojan horses , it is advisable to install anti-trojan or anti-malware software, which is properly certified.


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